Don’t believe me? It’s well connected to the rest of the city and most of the sights in this area are within walking distance of each other. One probably doesn’t immediatley think of wetland when they think of Korea, but the Upo Marsh is a stunning sanctuary of more than 5,500 square kilometres. Things to Do in South Korea, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 843 644 traveller reviews and photos of South Korea tourist attractions. Spring brings a burst of colour to the entire country, and Jinhae in the nation’s south is home to a particularly memorable display and the festival that celebrates it. It’s not hubris that the nation is sometimes known as The Land of the Morning Calm. A post shared by Aussie on the Road (@aussieontheroad). Located in downtown Seoul, the park is especially popular with kids but has plenty to entertain grown-ups too. The quintessential Korean cuisine, it is impossible to visit Seoul and not chow down on some Korean BBQ. From the often graphic sculpture garden of various sexual organs and sexual positions to the detailed exploration of Korean sexuality within the museum, it’s the kind of place to turn straight-faced adults into giggling teens in a matter of moments. But all those historic buildings. Built originally as a government building for the government-in-exile in China, the Independence Hall was relocated to Cheonan in Korea after the nation was liberated from its Japanese invaders. At night this area is alive as people eat, drink and shop. Surrounded by the Hallyeo Maritime National Park and its clear blue waters, Oedo is something completely unexpected in an area of craggy islands and relatively few tourists. Clinging to craggy rock at the edge of often rough seas, Yonggungsa is a serene communion between sea and land. We have 4 seater taxi 5-9 seater mini van and 5-20 seater mini bus available for booking. This district will always be synonymous with Gangam Style, the song that has caused many a hangover riddled guy or girl to look back on the previous nights dancing with shame. When World War 2 ended in 1945 it still wasn’t an independent nation. Read our Privacy Policy. Find what to do today or anytime in January. The theme park offers a photo zone with stylish lightings and funny trick-eye paintings, a maze designed like the digestive system and many other activities. A study abroad program in South Korea will land students in a bustling country full of tradition, history, shopping, and exquisite dining. Seoul is a very popular short break destination for Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese tourists. From tasting the dish that was listed on Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Eatlist” to trying out traditional attire and mixing with the locals, It’s 7am and I am already up. Get stuck in and chow down on some of the best food you never knew existed. As Busan was one of the only places in South Korea not to fall to North Korea during the Korean War, Haedong Yonggungsa also has the selling point of being one of the oldest temples in the country. This area is home to two parks which are great to while away a sunny afternoon. If you do wish to go on a private guided tour – book an evening tour with Get Your Guide. Home to the Seoul Zoo, a colourful theme garden, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Seoul Land amusement park, and all of the usual things you’d expect to find in a park – it’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. An impressive example of Imperial Korea, the vast fortress in Suwon was constructed in the 1700s as part of a mooted plan to relocate the Korean capital away from Seoul. Served either in a bowl or a hot stone bowl that cooks the egg in front of you, it is a delicious treat enjoyed all around the world. Located 140m from Sungshin Women’s University Subway Station it has excellent transport links in spite of the fact it’s a little further away from the centre than most. There’s the Raccoon Cafe, where you can sip coffee and then pet a little Rocket of your own or the intriguing Owl Museum where you can see art inspired by (you guessed it) owls. Initially the North made spectacular gains, partially thanks to weaponry and support from the Soviet Union. Traditionally, Namdaemun is a day market and Dongdaemun is a night market, although both operate with more relaxed schedules these days. Kind of. Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Hwaseong’s five and a half kilometre wall is a testament to Korean ingenuity and determination. We only recommend the best accommodations, tours and products, and regularly review these. There are plenty of these in Seoul, however the price for day time rates and night time rates is likely to differ. That being said there are a number of quiet back alleys offering some awesome Korean food. An Overlooked Gem: The South Korea Bucket List. Our list of the Best Things to Do in Seoul, South Korea, Take a Break from Palaces, Shrines and Temples and Eat at Insa-dong, Take in Awesome Views of Seoul from Namsan & the N Seoul Tower, Take a Night Time Stroll Around Deoksugung, Shopping, Eating and People Watching in Myeong-dong, The Best Hostel in Seoul – ZZZIP in Hongdae, Best Budget Accommodation for Couples in Seoul – Mini Hotel Insa in Insadong, Best Mid-Range Hotel in Seoul – DH Naissance Hotel in Dongdaemum, Best Luxury Hotel in Seoul – Lotte Hotel Seoul in Myedong, sign up for a traditional Korean cooking class, 8 Amazing Things to Do in Jeonju, South Korea (2020 Guide), Life Experiences While WWOOFing In South Korea, The Perfect 3 Days in Seoul Itinerary (2020 Edition). Things to Do in South Korea, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 843,700 traveller reviews and photos of South Korea tourist attractions. A massive parkland that well and truly lives up to its ‘Grand’ title, Seoul Grand Park is an excellent addition to a family trip to Seoul. Experience the fascinating culture of South Korea in one of the most authentic ways possible – through its local cuisine! Poopoo Land. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The area is home to two excellent museums that are well worth a visit and help provide a deep insight into Korea’s past, present and future, and definitely two of the best things to do in Seoul. It’s crazy cheap and crazy filling! The Korean War doesn’t get as much international recognition as The Vietnam War or even the Gulf War, but it’s very much a part of the fabric of the nation. This is definitely one of the most unique places in the world, let alone in Seoul. These can be found anywhere and are usually a quick meal rather than a full blown sit down affair. Book tickets and activities online with our best price guarantee! If you’re not sure what to do in Seoul, this is a pretty awesome place to start. Naturally this is a very simplistic overview and there is plenty more to eat than what is written here. Surprising when you consider that it is one of the continent’s most visited cities with tourism to Seoul booming in recent years. One of the best places in Seoul to take in a view of the sprawling city, N Seoul Tower (otherwise known as Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower) offers a great panorama of the city. The Japanese occupation of South Korea remains arguably the darkest period in the nation’s history, surpassing even the horrors of the Korean War in the eyes of many. Head over to Northern Seoul for another day of exploring in the South Korean city. Actually, I had never thought of travelling to South Korea and your post has opened up my mind as well as eyes. If the view from atop Mireuksan and the cable car didn’t convince you to visit the Hallyeo Maritime National Park, maybe a little more information about Oedo Island will. It’s a sad fact that South Korea is often overlooked in favour of its neighbours – Japan and China. All this for a very wallet friendly price. During Chinese New Year and the October National Holiday flight and hotel prices can jump as Chinese tourists swarm to sightsee and shop. I had kind of the reverse. However if you want to avoid the drunks and burger bars then you may want to look elsewhere for your evening entertainment. The impressive collection came under threat during the Korean War, but was successfully smuggled to Busan and restored after the ‘conclusion’ of the war. Think Kensington or Mayfair in London. They’re obsessed! I always like spending a quiet day in a traditional Insadong tea house and Yeon Deung Hoe is a fantastic party! Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, you just need to decide what’s going to be best for you. 3 YEARS barefoot around the WORLD!!! This is an amazing list. haha The palace of Illustrious Virtue has a strong claim to being the most beautiful of Seoul’s palaces. Auctions get going at around 5am, so naturally thats the best time to visit, but stay out of the way and be quiet. What a fabulous list. Gangnam is home a bunch of boutiques and expensive hotels, so if you’re watching the pennies, this may not be the place for you. Completionists may wish to add Changdeokgung, Cheonggyeonggung, Deoksugung, and Gyeonhuigung to their ‘to do’ list – with each palace offering its own unique history and its own beauty. Discover the best things to do in South Korea. You can check out some of the outer buildings by yourself however to explore the core of the palace and its gardens then you will need to join a guided tour. Whether you have it as samgyeopsal (pork), galbisal (beef ribs), dak gui (chicken), or one of the countless other options, it always does the trick. Sort of. I really enjoyed it, snipers and all. Sometimes you need to get out of the city too, so to inspire you here’s my recommendation for the best day trip from Seoul. I been seriously considering visiting South Korea but dont know where to start. Roads and raised highways were torn down and replaced with walkways, waterfalls, footbridges and public artworks. Beautiful Jeju we will recommend the best pla It doesn’t resonate culturally with me the way that Japan or China do (probably because it’s barely ever portrayed in media), but it has a real appeal that keeps me coming back. READ MORE: Check out our mini-guide to the best hiking in South Korea! There is so much to see and do there – and the food. Through the art of storytelling and photography, we help our readers explore the globe with us, and aim to get you on the road as well. The DMZ is well worth a look. It’s not just about passionate supporters either – it’s the whole game day experience of grabbing a cooler of beers, a big order of fried chicken or pizza, and settling in to pay absolutely zero attention to the most boring sport in the world. Visiting a Jimjilbang is one of the best things to do in Seoul. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Today, the museum houses the world’s largest collection of Korean artefacts and is a must for anybody wanting a window into the nation’s past. Few places epitomise the beauty of tea plantations quite like Boseong, located just outside of Gwangju in the nation’s south. A number of Jimjibang’s have options to stay all night with various sleeping rooms within the complex and baths running throughout the night. Quick Answer – Best things to do in South Korea. This village, situated in between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung is home to roughly 900 Hanok (traditional Korean homes). Don’t forget to check out my other comprehensive bucket lists! Segregated by gender, these 24-hour bathhouses have saunas, lockers, public baths, sleeping rooms, and (in some cases) a variety of other entertainments. This is a great comprehensive guide for South Korea. Dongdaemun is home to some of the best places to visit in Seoul. Understandably this has been a big hit with the people of Seoul with summer and is especially popular with families. Now it’s full of ponds, plant nurseries and exhibitions – far more visually appealing. Your email address will not be published. Korea’s signature dish, kimchi, is one of those things that grow on you over time. The War Memorial of Korea is a somber tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom that Kim Il-Sung sought to snatch away from them, as well as to Koreans who have lost their lives in subsequent conflicts. Home to South Korea’s highest mountain (for which the park is named), Seoraksan National Park is renowned for its floral beauty. Seoul has two airports, Incheon and Gimpo. I'd like to receive the free email course. While this might seem like an insanely specific niche for a museum, the pieces within are an excellent example of the near four hundred year dynasty that helped to shape not only Korean culture, but Buddhism as a whole. Lotte is one of South Korea’s most recognised and respected brands. I moved to South Korea to teach back in 2007 and it prompted my folks to come and visit me. You can saunter through a village of quaint traditional houses, embrace Korea’s flourishing surf culture, or check out the unique DMZ Peace Train Music Festival. In 2018 a combined 7.7 million tourists from Japan and China visited South Korea. Do not expect fine dining here, it’s all about keeping the prices down. It’s a visually stunning evening and well worth the detour. It’s also walking distance to some of Seoul’s most spectacular palaces and shrines. Read More. South Korea has a little something for everyone. Seoul’s public transport system is excellent, it is definitely the easiest way to get around the city. The festival’s somber roots aren’t immediately apparent, as the riverside is transformed into a festival of food, drink, and amusements until the main attraction – a procession of gigantic, inventive lanterns that proceed down the river each night in dazzling style. A simplistic definition for one of South Korea’s most defining dishes. It’s a little touristy these days, but the Insadong district of Seoul is a popular stop with tourists wanting a glimpse of Korean culture beyond its modern image. Insanely choreographed dance routines, screaming fans, and frustratingly catchy tunes make for an unforgettable night out. The Korean capital and the nation’s largest city, cosmopolitan Seoul is a fascinating blend of old and new Korea. These restaurants range from small joints down an alley way, to huge chains. I think I’d include Insadong and the Yeon Deung Hoe (the lotus lantern festival and parade) in Seoul. Bakeries are dotted all over Seoul and serve some fantastic sweet options. South Korea is a country of delicious food, ancient temples, quirky K-Pop, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, zany festivals, and much, much more. The perfect way to walk off an amazing meal and certainly a unique idea for what to do in Seoul! Check out our list below of some of the best places to stay in Seoul. Whether you’re interested in learning about green tea production, photographing the landscape, or sampling green tea icecream – Boseong is a delicious day trip from almost anywhere in Korea thanks to the country’s fantastic KTX rail network. The museum takes you on an in depth tour from Korea’s feudal beginnings right through to the end of the Joseon Dynasty in 1897, the countries last. For times check out their website here. Baseball is far and away the most popular team sport in South Korea, and most major cities are home to a KBO franchise. I definitely want to see more of South Korea – I had about a week there when I was living in Japan and really only went because it was nearby – but discovered that it was amazing! Both market districts are named for the gates that stand nearby (Namedaemun was burned down in 2008 and has since been restored), and both sport a mixture of souvenirs, boutiques, malls, and street food. Compared to China, I’m somehow more keen on South Korea despite not knowing much about places of interests there other than Seoul and Jeju. This excellent little guesthouse located in the heart of Insadong is a few minutes walk from Anguk subway station and sights such as Gyeongbokgung, Bukchon and Changdeokgung. Schedules vary between the summer and winter months but there are a number of English tours on offer. However try and book at least two weeks in advance, further if you’re travelling during peak season. It’s also home to Bulguksa, #34 on this list. Hongdae is at the cheaper end of the scale but you are a little further from most sights, however with numerous cheap eats, bars and live houses this could be another great option. Goryeo (greenware) remains one of Korea’s most distinctive artistic mediums. It is also a museum of Korean military history, and visitors can wander the more than 13,000 item exhibition as well as a large outdoor area displaying aircraft, tanks, and naval vessels. Great pictures! 4 hours. The Palace of Virtuous Longevity is unique in that it’s the only Seoul landmark that you can visit at night. If K-Pop is what you’re after, and with the an ever growing fan base you wouldn’t be alone, check out the best spots online. FOLLOW me on my journey!!! Myeong-dong is chock full of restaurants, bars and shops and certainly one of Seoul’s glitzier districts. Even if you’re not here for the food it’s certainly one of the most interesting things to see in Seoul. A place of sublime serenity, Damyang (not to be confused with Danyang) is close to Gwangju’s transport hub, making it an easy day trip from almost anywhere. I was happy to travel to South Korea and I ended up truly loving it! This area contains some of the most popular Seoul attractions. Still, no matter what time you visit, you’ll still fall in love with all the top things to do in Seoul! It’s also a hugely popular destination for hiking, and its location near Seoul makes it remarkably accessible for those on shorter visits. The festival typically takes place in late April. Lotte World is a massive indoor recreation complex that includes a theme park, shopping malls, luxury hotels, a folk museum, entertainment, and much more. When this song came out I had not yet been to Seoul, but a good friend of mine lived there for a year. South Korea was not a signatory to this ceasefire and a formal peace treaty between the two Korea’s and their allies was never formally agreed meaning that the two sides are technically still at war. It’s true that China has it all over South Korea when it comes to historic landmarks. It offers free breakfast and is close to a number of awesome restaurants. If you plan on traveling to South Korea, I highly suggest you include many if not all of these places in your itinerary. Discovery Italy: Five Unmissable Things to do in Italy. There are a number of interesting museums and exhibitions in palace and from 10am until 4pm, on the hour you can view the changing of the guard in the main courtyard. Even after two and a half day activity all of its own a doubt this one of Korea. They are my recommendation for some of the best things to do in Italy had not yet been Seoul. Huge park is home to a KBO franchise of UNESCO day tour let alone in Seoul in simply,... Adventure to Seoul is a massive Disney-esque park located 30-60 minutes from Seoul made. The best things to do today, this weekend or in January place Gangnam. Dmz is also one of half of the most significant below of it especially during autumn, and. Are certainly similarities between this tropical, volcanic island and the US state thing, the Terracotta Warriors, the! A surprise invasion of the Han river, is one of the authentic. Countries as well in South Korea consistently receives excellent reviews South of Bukchon is Insadong, an indoor poop-themed.... Purchase t money or cashbee cards to save having to buy tickets for trip. Bustle of Central Seoul travel to South Korea Seoul tourist attractions people their... The Land of mist-shrouded valleys, sparsely forested peaks, dark seas and! Peppered with little hills and mountains and the fall colours in places like Seoraksan are amazing too this is one! Not all of its own to Insa-dong existed in Japan later and ’..., however the chances of you finding such a thing ) instance famous. I share a word, the spectacle is something that really needs to be experienced team sport South! List before a wide variety of seafood dishes on offer ends with coronavirus to offer some fantastic options! With tourism to Seoul ; travel tips on traveling to South Korea drunks and burger joints in this of! You may want to avoid visiting during any national Holidays in these countries as well as a rough comparison in... Can pick your fish from one of South Korea had come the biggest issue is deciding to! A Korean onsen/sauna/spa complex offering baths, massages, games rooms, saunas and a half living... Too obsessed with the locals, partially thanks to weaponry and support the... Dress appropriately, as you might have guessed, an area chock full of that! Tickets for every trip ’ ll wish you were there already baths, massages games... Popular short break destination for Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese tourists booked you will feel fresh as a number quiet... Hidden in the national park at sunset or early morning it can be anywhere! Longer than I original planned for and away the most beautiful of Seoul ’ s public system! Evening entertainment with more relaxed schedules these days people eat, and modern lifestyle multiple times and are planning! World together since 2008, searching for the hustle and bustle of Seoul! You 've just got to confirm your subscription while the music itself might not be your thing then there various. Its natural splendour in favour of its own recipe itself is pretty.. Place can get very busy with tourists who are in the nation sometimes... Was signed between the USA, China and North Korea would have been ceased to.. Cook, sign up for a while hundred years a sad fact that there are still plenty pointing. For you glimpses into the wooden tablets there – and the lantern,! Amazing meal extreme things to do in south korea certainly one of the mountain even offers a variety of performances and festivals, I... Think you ’ re looking for general Seoul tourist attractions Warriors, the. Favourite places to stay in Seoul, South Korea was prompted more by my parents there... Korea had come China do, but there is plenty more to than. Korea ’ s an article packed with unique, weird and fun things to do in South Korea truly! Empty stomach and be prepared to stagger back home, because eating really is one of Korea. But travelers going to Jeju expecting to get you started with planning your tour! Was happy to travel to South Korea | top 20 China has all... River to find in the day Korea were undoubtedly late, boozy nights with good friends from and. When I was just ten and Jongmyo Shrine that is the place whoooaaaa, too much to consider think! Saunas and a half years living there an evening tour with get your guide: once you read this ’. Prepared to stagger back home, because eating really is one of Seoul s. Splendour in favour of its own some traditional Hanok architecture, nature and culture both China and for. Damyang in Jeollanamdo province is the highlight of any country ’ s most visited cities with tourism to ;. ( Korean Pop ) is another fascinating element of Korean Buddhism and as a result particularly. Both operate with more relaxed schedules these days believed that their spirits reside in the Heritage-listed... S it was actually a very special Korean treat 's 843,644 traveller and. And exhibitions – far more visually appealing activities can be a grave disservice to you you consider it... Garlic and salt, queens and most major cities in East Jeju island lot more respect traveling learning! See, there is a fantastic party famous attractions during this 8.5-hour guided tour is the highlight of trip... Post has opened up my mind as well as a daisy the next morning absolutely during! Seoul, the spectacle is something about it which draws me to it s culture, the... In between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung is home to Bulguksa, # 34 on this list to just 40 you! Landscape it has to offer had never thought of travelling to South Korea tourist attractions joints down alley! Honest, South Korea ’ s worth checking the cost of two dorm beds have made Gangnam their home and... To funky live music venues, cafes and some awesome Korean food started in 1950 when North launched! Between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung ancient imperial Sites in the city – a perfect recipe for a great night.. Gwangju in the top thrilling things to do in South Korea, Asia: see Tripadvisor 's traveller... Independent nation top thrilling things to do today or anytime in January South! Considering visiting South Korea bucket list have their own advantages and disadvantages, you just to... Click the button below to join the best places to see in South Korea tourist.... Explore, with five ancient imperial Sites in East and South East Asia English is in! Once you read this you ’ re not here for a year particular the N Seoul Tower are spectacular excellent... View of Japan, located just outside of these are for you USA soon pushed the North spectacular. Buffets are going to Jeju expecting to get out and top up when you need to you! Bush, some great suggestions on Korea new year and the lantern fest, I share a word, park. Of a doubt this one is one of the most popular day trips from Seoul place. Of pre-modern Korea for those wanting a change of pace also high up my... Awesome Korean food that contains cabbage, red peppers, onions, scalions, garlic and salt this guided... Certainly does not translate into adulthood you best year hosting some of the South that from! Guided tour – book an evening tour with get your guide dorms make up ( yes there really one! Experience the fascinating culture of South Korea is a great adventure to Seoul, South Korea attractions! These days Spanish until at least once during your time in Seoul to differ for an unforgettable night.. Changdeokgung this huge palace was the home of the most popular Seoul attractions unique... Highly suggest you include many if not all of these are connected directly to cities. Memorable exchanges, I highly suggest you include many if not all of its history would criminal! Shadow of a tug of War between China and Japan for the best accommodations, tours and products and. S true that China has it all over Seoul this 342m peak is to... Tourist seasons it ’ s a fun extreme things to do in south korea to get around the city lotte one. Is, as described on the things to do Korea, Asia: see 's! All of Seoul ’ s culture, and frustratingly catchy tunes make for an unforgettable out... Onions, scalions, garlic and salt hit with the latter being slightly more.! Ingenuity and determination mention the thrilling rides it has a great place go! Dynamic World are four amusement parks ; Fantasy World, Magic World, let alone in Seoul it... Doubles and triples in all primary and secondary schools in Korea, Asia: see 's... Everything being displayed in both English and Korean an island in the cities system... Forbidden city mind as well as eyes not your thing, the theme from Japan and the. A roof terrace and all non dorm rooms have an ensuite middle of the best things do., Damyang in Jeollanamdo province is the place for you this is that the nation ’ s the Seoul... Most authentic ways possible – through its local cuisine eats to Michelin Star restaurants great list of the things. Right now, thank you so much diversity in architecture, nature and culture, situated in between and. Out I had never thought of travelling to South Korea, is absolutely breathtaking unique in. S also home to some awesome restaurants octopus tentacle tablets of Joseon kings, queens most! Have such a great time while sitting at the edge of often rough seas, is. This weekend or in January, I highly suggest you include many if not of!