This is a hand carved, custom cut, Tomahawk Steak weighing 48 OUNCES! Our Tomahawk Bone in Ribeye, as does all of our steak offerings has the superior marbling of Angus for a very flavorful steak, and is cut quite thick, in fact, quite a bit thicker than most, weighing in at 36 ounces.Our Tomahawk Bone in Ribeye has been USDA inspected, has been aged … This tender cut is hand carved directly from a calf raised locally in Texas. Dry aged we cut this steak to order, firstly cutting the rib bone and the steak out of the hung meat, then French trimming the bone for impressive presentation. The muscles of the ribeye are held together with tender sinew with large swaths of rich fat between them. BBQ – Sear . If you need help knowing which size tomahawk is right for you visit our "What Size Tomahawk Should I Buy?" It boasts some of the most prime beef of the beast, with the well marbled meat a watchword for quality and flavour. Similar in appearance to a Tomahawk axe with the bone extending from the centre of the cut, this steak is the biggest we sell, and is enough to feed two adults comfortably. Snake River Farms Image courtesy of Snake River Farms. Then grill at … To grade this high level of marbling, we adopted the Japanese Beef Marbling Score. The sous vide method. Try cooking alongside some home made béarnaise sauce, or perhaps home made gentleman's relish, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, and sautéed potatoes, while if you're unsure as to how to get the perfect finish for your steak please see our cooking tips. If you want to know what a Tomahawk Steak is, you're in for a treat if you buy quality aged Tomahawk Steak online from Great British Meat Co.Tomahawk steak is becoming more common on top restaurant menus we supply. Unwrap the steak and allow it to come to room temperature. With our special dry-aging process we’ve found a way to make this exclusive cut, even more elite and flavorful. On a different level a tomahawk is a primal showpiece that, when grilled properly, can bring the house down. Using a BBQ is a great way to cook your Tomahawk if you have limited oven space. While a tomahawk steak is one of the more expensive pieces of meat available, it's worth the price. Subsequently, use salt and pepper to season the steaks thoroughly. Pre-heat the BBQ to hot. The bone has been left in to enhance the flavor, and left long to enhance presentation. This steak is American Wagyu Black Grade, rated 6 to 8 on the Japanese Beef Marbling Score (BMS). The first step is getting your steak to room temperature, so make sure you give them enough time to thaw out if they’ve been frozen. This method can be preferable for a big cut of meat such as a tomahawk since you can more closely control the initial cook, let it rest, then eat it hot off the grill after the final sear. A Tomahawk Steak is a gorgeous piece of meat, but it can be a little intimidating to cook. The tomahawk is sourced from the rib primal which covers ribs six through twelve and is located between the chuck and loin primals. Fast fact: The bone in a bone-in steak doesn’t add a significant amount of flavor, but it does insulate the meat next to it and adds a small section of steak that is more rare than the rest of the steak. All Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef grades above Prime. Great steak!!! Snake River Farms dry-aged beef represents a higher echelon for our American Wagyu steaks. Similar to the traditional bone-in ribeye, cooking steak with the bone in adds flavor and juiciness to every bite. Ben and Diego’s Premium Steaks is a Mandaluyong and Pampanga-based venture that delivers premium-grade steaks straight to your doorstep. This package includes 4 packs of 8 pounds Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks. Once you start cooking with Snake River Farms, you’ll discover why our customers say they’re too spoiled for anything else. In the meantime I made gravy with pan drippings. ← NEW SITE! Food Network Kitchen found the ideal way to cook steak in your kitchen, to get smoky flavor, a thick crust and a juicy interior, as you would over charcoal. To relish the very best quality beef meal you possibly can present yourself and your loved ones and/or close friends to have an memorable and pleasing supper. Our signature steak. Better than the steak house at 1/5 the price! Each of our tomahawk steaks is hand-cut to a thickness of about two inches. Also, preheat oven to 375 degrees. The finest steak eating experience. ! If you’ve never grilled a Tomahawk steak because you’re unsure of how to grill it correctly, you’re missing out. Special breeds of cattle like Japanese Wagyu are capable of producing marbling beyond their American counterparts. Dry-aging makes this rich and juicy ribeye even more full of flavor. A. monstrous steak that could bring a tear to the eye to even the most committed of carnivores will go on sale at Morrisons this week in the hopes to tempt shoppers over Father’s Day weekend. The rib-eye includes some of the most flavorful and tender beef, and the cut is sure to make a big impression.