Cons. The only thing is that this one gets really aggressive, and I think it is a little longer to kill as the pink one takes me like 10 min. Hermitaur Armor is very good starter armor, and is easy to get. Make sure you keep a good distance because occasionally Shogun Ceantaur will reach its claws out at full length and spin. You wanna get the Crimson Fatty armor (I'm really into this thing lately...xD). All one really needs to do is stand on the right side of it, if one is facing it. This is applicable between all shots, including the dragon piercer. A good idea is to just run out of the way and attack until he stops. All damage types … When you run out of power coating ammo, you can hit the crafting menu and quickly make 20 more. If you have the Eraser(Terra Shogun bow) which doesn't need Capacity for the Lv4 charge, Pierce5 you can use it with Pierce Up. ), Recommended Weapon: Daimyo's Warbow, Blango Fur Bow III, and Blue Blade Bow II(MHFU). Bow (Arc Shot) SnS and Lance (Shield Bash Attacks) Light and Heavy Bowgun (Bash Attacks) 3. It could be pretty devastating depending on your armor. 5 flash bombs, then 10 flash bugs and bomb material to make more. Attacks Charged Shot. The most important concept for the bow is something longtime Monster Hunters call “critical distance.” As we mentioned previously, your shots will do the most damage when you aren’t too far from or too close to the monster. Using the bow is very intuitive but beginner hunters may become discouraged of it because they do not understand the damage mechanics or how to keep that optimum distance. The unspoken loop: What the heck am I supposed to do next? Mhw Best Bow Jul 10, 2019 In our Monster Hunter: World Decorations Farming Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about farming Jewels and Decorations in MHW. Once, Khezu went from six, then flew to 3 (but didn’t land) then to area 7. Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. When it looks around, its going to charge. If you can, download the HR4 Hypno quest and gather materials for wing bow. Recommended Weapon: Sonic Bow I (do the "Attack of the Giant Bugs" to get most materials and use Trenya's Boat. For example, firing a dragon piercer straight through a monster’s head from the front will go through the body and probably hit the tail as well. Its tail swipe is powerful and will get you. Monster Hunters is a confusing game. So I will elaborate on both of them. Recommended Weapon: DAIMYO"S WARBOW by this point you should have the materials to upgrade your warbow to lvl 2 Though you should be maxing out your stamina with food every hunt, you’re still going to find yourself running on empty pretty often. Rathian however shoots 3 fireballs. The gains you make crafting power coatings will far outweigh the cost. Next, you want to destroy her wing claws and wound her head. When in rage mode, stay about two hops away from their side and practice circling around them while moving your camera angle (this will always check what they'll do and you can give a counterattack) best bow types are thunder attributed ones with a rapid or pierce type shot. Rathian has just a little more health. We've got the full list of every single one right here. You’ll notice immediately when you hold down the fire button that your shot starts to charge. The first ever bow you should EVER get is Blango Fur Bow I. Flash Bombs are not always helpful, since Kushala becomes more chaotic when stunned by a flash bomb. Recommended Weapon: Dragon Bow Halo, Kut-Ku Stave II, Prominence Bow I/II, Sonic Bow I (do the "Attack of the Giant Bugs" to get most materials and use Trenya's Boat. Catch up on the best sci-fi and fantasy books from 2020, Stretching from the expanse of space to sagas right here on Earth, Star Trek: Discovery season 3 failed its characters and plots, From resource scarcity to gender identity, this season chose easy solutions to difficult problems, Tabletop gaming in 2021 will be defined by these last 12 months of chaos, How the pandemic, social unrest, and labor relations have shaped board games and RPGs, An overview of assigned quests, investigations, bounties and expeditions, Investigations: Hunting, slaying and capturing, Bounties: Feld research, ecology surveys and research progress, Expeditions: Open-ended, self-determined exploration, 10 things Monster Hunter: World doesn’t tell you, Grimalkynes: how you find them and what you get for your effort. First boss monster to do this to me, and I'm sure its not the last. If you need thunderbug juice, swap battlefieldjewels to the guy in the jungle, sometimes he will give large bones, but start the mission again when so. (Your left) I'm pretty sure you have to kill him at least 5 times if you're lucky to get his full set. its the best option for those who are still beginners,if u are using Prominence Bow then good for you,use its Pierce Shot to knock that Khezu then roll away. Use Poison Coatings, Shock Traps, and use Barrel Bombs after you put him to sleep with Sleep Coatings. and rapid shots on her head(since it's pretty low, you will nearly never hit her head with pierce shots). ~ Blacked-hun-. Downed with Daimyo's Warbow in 13 minutes. Hitting monster weak points is as easy as aiming and firing, and arrow coatings allow bow users to paralyze or poison enemies at will. Charged arrows do increased damage, at the cost of a lower number of arrows fired per unit of time, and stamina. You take your Great Purple Emperor II(Scatter3, Scatter4, Rapid4) and gem your armor to Capacity Up, so you can shot Pierce5. You should notice much higher damage from this range, especially when hitting weak spots. Don’t forget to mark him. Because of the dragon piercer travels straight through the monster, you want to land this shot from a position where it will go through the monster’s entire body. The quirk of charging with the bow is that you can gain charge by firing successively. It provides a good electric defense against Khezu later on. Pile onto that damage with the effect of power coatings, and you’ll be hitting extremely hard at the very start of the fight. RIGHT SIDE! BRING FLASH BOMBS. If you’ve done the proper preparation for the monster you’re fighting, you should be striking weak points with the monster’s weak element, causing big damage with every shot. If you position yourself in the perfect spot it is possible that it will not be able to hit you at all. However, by pressing and holding triangle, and waiting for a red flash, a charge attack is formed. Charge Level 1 will inflict 40% of your bow's Attack Power. (--Chinese Stickman 02:46, November 11, 2009 (UTC)) Note: If you just want to focus on Raw Power, use the Ceanataur Bow. RELATED: Monster Hunter World: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Elder Dragons. The weapon I used: Kut-Ku Stave II Prominence Bow Like bowguns, distance also plays an important role on the damage caused to a monster. If you know the monster’s attack patterns really well, you can find the time to land dragon piercer when it’s up. These are Blast, Close Range, Paralysis, Poison, Power, and Sleep. All i can really say is strafe and shoot. PrceLv1 = Shoot 1 arrow, hits maximum of 3 times. If you’re too far from a target for an arrow to hit, you’ll see “Out of Range.”. Rathalos sometimes flies in the air and hovers to shoot a devastating fireball downwards. Hunter S armor is pretty good bow armor for solo missions.this set will give you Attack up (small)[if you want medium, add an attack jewel to your weapon], Auto-Tracker (always good), and recover 1+; add a stedfast jewel to negate the stun 2.0x. Actually, since kut-ku is a small target, it may be easier to use the Blango Fur Bow, because its rapid arrows lie right on his head, and breaking his ears becoms a much faster deal. While a regular shot fires on the exact point where you aim, the power shot has a wide spread like a shotgun blast. All Safi’s Bow comes with 312 Raw Damage and 5% Affinity. Stock up on Potions and Mega Potions. You’re going to be dodging a lot, and there are those unavoidable moments when a monster forces you into close quarters and you have to dodge-hop away for dear life. After firing approximately 15 of the coatings, the Tigrex will become paralyzed. By this time you should be able to get a Daimyo Warbow IV (Rare 6), and it's Level 3 charge, is a piercing shot which works wonder for Gravios. It can even cut tails if you learn how to use it well! Fast walk speed while wielding the Light Bowgun. Depend on your preferable ammo type, the following Armor Sets can be picked for your build. And very easy to farm it too. I only have tips on "Shadow in the Snow". You can shoot at it when it’s in the water if you have good aim, just don't kill him in the water, cause you can't carve him then. I suggest jumping down from the log and running round the back of him. Wake it up using Large Barrel Bombs+ for maximum damage. It will always be in area 7 (is it area 7. It will be easy to find the monsters (auto detect) and just provides some good defense on smaller monsters. I would recommend this only for one boss, which is Kut-Ku. All 4 blue fish and 2 blue vegetables. The bow has a base two levels of charge. Ammo Efficient. with a Sonic bow II. (I won't guarantee anything, but that is what happened to me) You can tell when he goes into rage mode because he sniffs around and a white light surrounds his mouth. Another good armor if you want loading is Monodevil. tamere:Controls are stated from the bow being in ready position, unless stated otherwise. I think I made this armor under 1 or 2 hours. Of course, it isn’t quite safe to just stand in place firing all the time. You can manage the Gravios with melee easily, but the Black doesn't wanna die under 12 mins. I'll tell you the truth, I died the first time I fought it. Don’t be too far away from it, because it will just go back into the water. Has very good defense. You will be dodge rolling a lot. Don’t stay in this range, and if you see a yellow reticle try and take it as a sign to move in a little bit. It occasionally likes to jump on the ceiling and shoot water at you, though it's not necessarily that hard. Khezu flies very strangely. Once you defeat Akator, try getting its armor for the head, arms, and legs and azure los' chest and waist armors. Running too slow for you? Next Fire bow should be Prominence Bow I. And finally lets see a pierce strategy. PrceLv2 = Shoot 1 arrow, hits maximum of 4 times. They also only work when he is in the water. Rolling is faster when your bow is drawn. This monster moves incredibly fast compared to others, so the better you can anticipate it's actions, the easier it is to defeat it. Just be more cautious with the Blue one. The evade window skill increases the invincible period of the dodge roll. The power shot may not be so great when a thin monster is facing you straight on, as the additional shots will just fly off into the air. L2: Aim R2: Normal Shot (1 arrow) R2 (held)** : Level 1 Shot (2 arrows) R2 (held longer) : Level 2 Shot (max level and 3 arrows) Circle: Spread Shot (3 arrows at Normal then 5 at Level 1 and Level 2) R2 + Circle: Raining Shot L2 + R2 + Circle + Right Stick: Target where to fire Raining Shot Triangle + Circle: Dragon Piercer Shot Direction Pad + Cross: Dodge in the direction and charge the bow to the … Oh and don’t get too close. If it is your first time fighting Khezu, then he is in area 3. They each do different amounts of damage, based on your buffs and armor, and the monster's attack damage and depending on the attack, your elemental resistance. With 14 weapon types in Monster Hunter: World, it can be hard to pick and choose which to use.However, one that's incredibly versatile, fast, and always have huge damage potential is the Bow. Remember what charge shot does what (i.e. In area six, it is an option to climb up on the ledge, but his lightning hop will get you. You’ll be laying down continuous charged shots from medium range — not too close to the monster, but not too far either — while you dodge attacks. Once Kushala is poisoned, switch to power coatings and destroy his head. When you are close enough to the tigrex and he's running towards you and you are charging your bow, just run away while charging, when he passes you, turn quickly and you will have a shot at point blank. Plus it has Prce lv4. Another example: You wanna farm Rajang, but you cannot break his horns with melee without dying. O.k. Stamina surge speeds your recovery, which will help to a lesser degree when low stamina forces you to take a break on attacking. You should first work on getting a full set of cephalos gunner armor. There are also 2 mining spots at 4 and 1 mining spots at 5 near the number 4 2nd entrance to number 5 ). (still good raw def. After this bow is the Sonic Bow. Just stay away from it and shoot. You’ll want to go for this attack when you are absolutely certain that the monster is going to stay in place, like when it’s knocked down or trapped. If you need money, just kill one or two Nekoht Akantor and sell the carve and the reward. 3 blue meat + 3 blue vegetables. Regardless of what type of arc shots are available they all have the same basic use Ko/exhaust damage, it's not about dps with … Any bow with dragon/thunder element and pierce/rapid is good. They each do different amounts of damage, based on your buffs and armor, and the monster's attack damage and depending on the attack, your elemental resistance. To counteract this once you reach high rank, you’ll be able to invest in skills that save stamina. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Gravios may be much weaker against pierce arrows than scatter arrows to reach his weak spot, which is his belly). When he screams he likes to blast you when your covering your ears, then blast you agian when your getting up. A raw damage type build for the Bow. It can do the job under about 10 mins if done properly. To deal effective damage, bow users must engage the monster at a moderate distance and constantly be dodging incoming attacks. the full set plus 3 ammo box jewels will get you the load up skill and add expert jewels for adrenalin +1. The only problems that you have to consider are vespoid and jumping Ioprey. Just aim for the belly area (the back part of the belly is fine also, the pierce will go right through it). Pierce Shots = Shoots a piercing arrow that hits a target multiple times. The only thing tricky about Plesioth is that it either has a lot of health, or spends too much time in the water. Charge shots, power shots and dodging are all huge drains on stamina. Armor with Auto-Tracker is a must here. Level this up, and you’re going to roll through a lot of attacks and get hit a lot less often. I suggest always being in front of it. With this strategy, you should be able to wound her head and wings staying on the ledge in area 5 in the first encounter. 2-2-2, 4-1-1… You get the picture. Try to go for his head to break his ears. Basically, when it goes to blast you, move to one side and charge shot it, then wait for it to relock on you and move to the other side and charge shot. Actual arrow flight range increased slightly. When he moves to other areas where there are exploding rocks make sure you use those to your advantage and steer him straight in to their path. The best bow to use to kill a Kut-Ku is Blango Fur Bow (in the beginning). As you might guess, this simply boosts the attack power of your shots. also Dragon Bow Halo. Then, when there are no ledges(zone 7 ledge doesn't really count as one) use the hit and run technicue: shot with a pierce after the charge, roll away; shot with the pierce after the fireball, roll away. Though there is no limit on the amount of times you can use the dragon piercer. Its upgrade, though it needs G-rank Narga stuff, is very powerful too. Not more than 15 minutes=) (by the way, her full armor set gives you the Detect skill, and if you have 2 PsicVis jewels it will give the autotracker). SHOT TYPE DAMAGE. When it comes to pierce arrows, think of the imaginary line as like a crosshair for more precise, long range shots if you don't like getting "up close and personal" to your targets. Another good raw power bow is Hidden Bow. You should be able to break his chest. Stand on cliffs and ledges when fighting certain monsters, Monoblos and Diablos like to get stuck in them! If you want to bomb them, do it when you can put them to sleep, not on flashed status, because they may still move around, shock traps will only give a little time so flashbombs are really the best. Blangos, Vespoids, Bulldrome, Giadrome, Congalala. Lv1-Sctr, Lv2-Rapd...). (Flash bug + Bomb Material (Stone + Sap Plant = Bomb Material)) I HATE finding 20 flash bugs and making 20 bomb materials, but if you have the money or patience, be my guest. Using a boomerang may be easier if u can't get it in time. You have very little room for error here. Standing on the ledges in area 6 and the higher part of the log in area three helps, just dodge roll the ice boulder attack. Rathian also does a back flip poison attack which hurts, and may be outright lethal in gunner armor. if its your 1st time fighting him like above he'll be in area 3,the best way of fighting a Khezu in area 3 or any other area for that matter is the hit and run technique. The only place it travels is between the cold cave and area 7 in the desert, and 3-4 in the jungle. Both has its pros and cons. ". Daimyo's Warbow. You might be wondering why should I kill it when Hermitaur Armor is exactly the same thing? When he digs, you do not need to put away weapon and run, just go away from where he dug. Follow it and capture it once asleep. After you kill Blangonga, go kill some Basarios. Always consider when you are safe to take a power shot before pressing the button. : in the comments. you gem in Capacity Up, and you can shot Rapid4 which is very useful against Crimson. while HBG and LBG, get slicing shot which unless the gun can load 3 or 4 rounds of it and not have a high recoil with the shot type, isnt often worth using for tail cuts. Basarios also has sleep negation, and Terrain Damage Reduction(Same as Kusha armor). I.E. It will take around three to four hunts, maybe five to six if it's your first Kushala ever, to kill it. Once charged, you gain massive charge rate boosts and a 2nd Power Shot to play with that does 30% more damage. Bow: Charge Lv 4 +XXL +M: Bow: Arc Shot-L-L: Bowgun: Normal +L: Sharpness Adjustment. Using the correct shot is crucial and could mean the difference between getting stunned by a Gypceros' flash or shooting off the source right from the start. though) If you are just too lazy to kill this thing, just go make some Ceanataur Armor. I think 300 points will get you 2 killer beetles.) The bow has a base two levels of charge. Rapid Shots = Shoots a vertical stack of arrows strongest at the top and weakest at the bottom. He can reach you, (with lightning jump, which he only uses in Rage Mode. Once it starts attacking, it will be difficult to paint it without getting hit. Whit this method and Lg barrel bombs+ you can kill the tigrex in +- 10 min. Weapon Condition Sharpness Adjustment; Blademaster weapon: Yellow Sharpness. Kushala Daora armour is an absolute must have against Teostra and Lunastra. Larger access to more coatings can be opened up … If you’re new to the game or you are a veteran of the franchise and just need a quick refresher, this Guide is for you. The best time to attack it would be after its flail attack. Its ice spray shouldn't really get you, you should be farther than that away from it if it can touch you like that. You take the Abominable Bow II(Rapid3, Pierce4, Rapid4) and you gem your armor for Rapid Up or Runner and only shot his head. When you first encounter the Tigrex paint it before you start engaging it in combat. I mean, this guy has no tricks up his sleeves. Kill the Apceros, then paintball this 3 mounded rock thing in the middle of the area. Bring your usual supplies like Flash Bombs, Barrel Bombs, and Shock Traps. Really useful skill: HighGrade Earplug, the Gravios will pretty much never hit you with its blast (you won't just stand still for it to shoot its fireblast, after its scream). For combating this monster, equip the paralysis coatings first. To maximize your damage, always try to remain at critical distance when attacking. Dodging while charging a shot will also give you a charging sidestep, which charges your shot instantly. Only a few Light Bowguns are able to use level 3 ammo. Monster Hunter: World Armor Set builder. tack on 1 earplug and 4 ammo box jewels, and you get Reckless Abandon 2+, Earplug, and Capacity Up. Repeated hits will mess up his crown, which can give you Vibrant Pelts. You need the Heavenly Shell of Gravios and Black Gravios. Recommended Weapon: Kut-Ku Stave or later on Prominence Bow. For starting off this quest, bring your usual supply of potions/rations. I had Tiger Arrow (awsome bow if you can work around to bad affinity) and it took me about 30-40 mins to kill him. Be careful of its scream, and don't stand aiming when it lifts the ice to drop on you. Coatings, especially the Power Coating, is critical to the success of a bow-user. Heck, even set a trap down. The main combo you’ll be working with is quite simple: RT > … 1 Bow Charge Level 2 Different Arrow Types 3 Notes 4 Damage Chart While a bow is drawn, simply pressing triangle unleashes a Level 1 arrow. The rest of the time for combat is spent running and bowing it using the power coatings. Send the boat with 200-300 points to desert. Hip check, water spray, and a ground slide. Note2: Still it is possible to run away with your bow charging from the tigrex. Dragon: Akantor Bow or Glorious Victory. Only those who have defeated Deviljho can wield it,” according to Fandom. just bring the usuals coatings,traps,bombs,charms(if you have) Damage-wise, poison is only really worth using if the monster is specifically vulnerable to it or you’re feeling adventurous and have customized for a poison damage build. Shooting from a different charge may cause a different attack. Kut-Ku's charge attack is devastating to gunner armor. In this section, I will try my best, and with help from others with a good reputation for accuracy, distribute information as accurate as it can be. As long are you are in its shadow, go ahead, take a sip of that potion or eat a snack. (A bit stronger), SctrLv4 = Shoots 5 arrows. So you are now on Tigrex. There is a trick that you can do in the swamp when fighting the blue Kut-Ku, if you stand on the ledge between areas 4 and 2, you can scoot back to just before switching zones,and this will allow you to get multiple shots on his face with ease. Dragon Bow Earth/Mountain are also very good bows. Rinse and repeat. Observe its motions when it does it, it will help you. You might or might not have a tough time killing this thing with Hermitaur armor. The wind barrier is a tough wall to get around, so I advise poisoning him with poison throwing knives, and poison coatings at the first opportunity. (A bit stronger). Use your flash bombs for a longer attack time. This bow, much like the quote above states, is as strong as its user. Looking at the chart, Felyne Moxie needs 6 “Blue” (Resilience) ingredients of any type. It is deadly accurate. This thing is just a badass version of Basarios, with more health. Flash bomb it, attack it. Plesioth has several attacks. PrceLv3 = Shoot 1 arrow, hits maximum of 5 times. Beginning Armor Bows are a very flexible ranged weapon, useful in group hunts as well as soloing. Always, ALWAYS stay to HIS right. Once you get into striking range, the targeting reticle will turn yellow. Poison, paralysis and sleep coatings will override the element of your weapon for the time they are active, so in effect you will sacrifice damage for the desired effect. Do the elder quest a few times until you have chest, helmet, legs, gauntlets, and coat if you have an Elder Dragon Blood, add one antidote jewel to counteract negative poison effects and you're set for pretty much every monster except Khezu and Rajang. The recovery time of a power shot is much longer than that of a regular shot, and if you use it with every shot indiscriminately, you won’t recover in time to avoid the monster’s attacks. * If the Bow has an innate elemental attribute, these coatings will override it temporarily.. Dragon Piercer. Send the boat with 200-300 points to desert. To reach Level 4 Charge, you'll need the Loading skill, not Load Up or Load. (Silky_Zachaos), Tigrex armor is also a "must have" armor, because of the auto tracker and quick eating (very useful to use potions or other stuffs without get hit) ~Frodorius, The Volganos(Lavasioth) armor is a good choice too. Don't forget the melee attack, it is pretty strong! It has extremely slow startup and recovery, and you cannot cancel the move if you guess wrong or the monster moves out of your sight. Last updated on October 21st, 2018. Dragon Piercer (+) is a powerful single-shot attack that pierces its target.It can be used from a standing position or after a shot. These coatings are so essential in every fight that you should spend money on keeping a stash and eventually devote one of your harvest spots to nitroshrooms to craft them with. Theres a little trick in fighting Khezu, 1st off if you have a Prominence Bow or a Kut Ku stave or any fire elemented bows you can take him down no problem. Lay two of the large barrel bomb+ by its face, and blow them up. Normal Ammo; Pierce Ammo; Spread Ammo; Bow attacks w/o Coatings; Bow Power Coating; Bow Close Range Coating; 4-8. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The blue Kut-Ku takes me about 25-30 min. And if you don't bother yourself bringing every combo book, you can leave in the CombineSucsess -5%, and have 3 or 4 gemming strategies for this armor. A good strategy for fighting black gravios is to take advantage of its love to use its 'grav blast'. Khezu is a little harder than Kut-Ku. -PurpleIsGood. In this Guide we’ll take a look at exactly how to use this Weapon to its fullest, as well as show you some things you may not know about it. the good part about this set is that it can evolve from Soul U to Soul Z and trade the earplug for constatution and health jewels to gain Constatution 1+. An attack from the side will cause him to side-walk and swipe you, which isn’t hard to dodge, but will probably get you sometimes.