The Babenko tracking dataset contains 12 video sequences for single object tracking. A more detailed comparison of the datasets (except the first two) can be found in the paper. CVPR 2009, Miami, Florida. The Cholec80 dataset contains 80 videos of cholecystectomy surgeries performed by 13 surgeons. The datasets presen... An indoor action recognition dataset which consists of 18 classes performed by 20 individuals. Note: The evaluation scheme has evolved since our CVPR 2009 paper. The Longterm Pedestrian dataset consists of images from a stationary camera running 24 hours for 7 days at about 1 fps. Daimler Multi-Cue, Occluded Pedestrian Classification Benchmark PIE contains over 6 hours of footage recorded in typical traffic scenes with on-board camera. The MTA dataset contains over 2400 identities, 6 cameras and a video length of over 100 minutes per camera. WILDTRACK: A Multi-Camera HD Dataset for Dense Unscripted Pedestrian Detection; ICCV 2017. There is one image approximately every 3-4 degrees. The QMUL Junction dataset is a busy traffic scenario for research on activity analysis and behavior understanding. Welcome to the homepage of the gvvperfcapeva datasets. Our anticipated users are partie... ISPRS Test Project on Urban Classification, 3D Building Reconstruction and Semantic Labeling. 2.1. The YouTube-Objects dataset is composed of videos collected from YouTube by querying for the names of 10 object classes. Section 3 details the con guration of both CITR and DUT dataset. The VidPairs dataset contains 133 pairs of images, taken from 1080p HD (~2 megapixel) official movie trailers. This dataset contains 12,995 face images which are annotated with (1) five facial landmarks, (2) attributes of gender, smiling, wearing glasses, and hea... CMP Dataset by Ondra Chum contains 5 million images collected from the internet. The USC dataset consists of a number of fairly small pedestrian datasets taken largely from surveillance video. More information can be found in our PAMI 2012 and CVPR 2009 benchmarking papers. fish video and e... We introduce the Shelf dataset for multiple human pose estimation from multiple views. Adrian Rosebrock. C. Keller, M. Enzweiler, and D. M. Gavrila, A New Benchmark for Stereo-based Pedestrian Detection, Proc... Hallway Corridor - Multiple Camera Tracking: An indoor camera network dataset with 6 cameras (contains ground plane homography). New code release v3.0.1. We annotated the data exhaustively by labelling the head position of every pedestrian in all frames. The MTA dataset contains over 2400 identities, 6 cameras and a video length of over 100 minutes per camera. June 7, 2018 at 3:07 pm. The ECP Paris 2011 dataset consists of 104 images taken from rue Monge in the fifth district of Paris, we kept only 20 for training and 10 for testing. (ICCV 2009) for evaluating methods for geometric and semantic scene understa... JPL First-Person Interaction dataset (JPL-Interaction dataset) is composed of human activity videos taken from a first-person viewpoint. Pedestrian Detection: A Benchmark a base data set. Fixed MultiFtr+CSS results on USA data. Note: We render at most 15 top results per plot (but always include the VJ and HOG baselines). detection,” in 8th Int. This dataset provides over 60 min of video taken from four different cameras in two different indoor environments (along with other sensors). For details on the evaluation scheme please see our PAMI 2012 paper. The UrbanStreet dataset used in the paper can be downloaded here [188M] . 01/18/2012: Added MultiResC results on the Caltech Pedestrian Testing Dataset. A new large-scale PEdesTrian Attribute (PETA) dataset. Each video is accompanied by densely annotated, pixel-accurate and per-frame ground truth segmentation of a single object. Video of people on pedestrian walkways at UCSD, and the corresponding motion segmentations. Annotated activities ... BelgiumTSC dataset is built for traffic sign classification purposes. 1 Introduction Figure 1: Left: Pedestrian detection performance over the years for Caltech, CityPersons and EuroCityPersons on the reasonable subset. 05/31/2010: Added MultiFtr+CSS and MultiFtr+Motion results. The dataset can be downloaded using anonymous ftp from Phos is a color image database of 15 scenes captured under different illumination conditions. Rethinking of Pedestrian Attribute Recognition: Realistic Datasets with Efficient Method. Caltech Pedestrian Dataset is to provide a better benchmark and to help identify conditions under which current detec-tion methods fail and thus focus research effort on these difficult cases. The PASCAL VOC is augmented with segmentation annotation for semantic parts of objects. Rendering at most 15 top results per plot. The Microsoft COCO (mscoco) is an image recognition and segmentation dataset which contains more 300k images for more than 70 categories. Below we list other pedestrian datasets, roughly in order of relevance and similarity to the Caltech Pedestrian dataset. The UCF Person and Car VideoSeg dataset consists of six videos with groundtruth for video object segmentation. Keywords—pedestrian detection; video; paper review I. These datasets have been superseded by larger and richer datasets such as the popular Caltech-USA [9] and KITTI [12]. For each video, the results for each frame should be a text file, with naming as follows: "I00029.txt, I00059.txt, ...". Pedestrian Detection using the TensorFlow Object Detection API and Nanonets. The Eurasian Cities dataset contains 103 images of outdoor urban scenes taken in Eurasian cities. Pedestrian City Street Traffic Tourism Car Building People Urban Tourist Night Bridge Walking Crosswalk Traffic Light Zebra Crossing Europe Man Street Sign Night Life Taxi Walk Couple Downtown Town Monument Business Outdoor Plaza Seashore. contains 1005 images with 201 buildings each in five views. Training and test samples have a resolution of 48 x 96 pixels with a 12-pixel border a... Our repetitive pattern dataset with 106 images of app. More … Dataset. P. Dollár, C. Wojek, B. Schiele and P. Perona The Video Summarization (SumMe) dataset consists of 25 videos, each annotated with at least 15 human summaries (390 in total). Video cameras are cheaper and amount of usage, INRIA is the most widely used datasets. The annotation includes temporal correspondence between bounding boxes like Caltech Pedestrian Dataset. The detailed description of both datasets can be accessed at arXiv preprint: Top-view Trajectories: A Pedestrian Dataset of Vehicle-Crowd Interaction from Controlled Experiments and Crowded Campus . OpenCV should be compiled for applicable Nvidia GPU if one can be used. Section 2, discusses different benchmark pedestrian datasets used to compare the different methods of pedestrian detection and tracking. Walking pedestrians in busy scenarios from a bird eye view. Contains various challenges of Pose, Clutter, Occlusion and similar looking objects (Bonde, U., Badrinarayanan, V.... We share our omnidirectional and panoramic image dataset (with annotations) to be used for human and car detection. 07/05/2013: New code release v3.1.0 (cleanup and commenting). How can we provide opportunity to everyone on the planet? 04/18/2010: Added TUD-Brussels and ETH results, new code release (new vbbLabeler), website update. Xu et al. GM-ATCI dataset is a rear-view pedestrians database captured using a vehicle-mounted standard automotive rear-view display camera for evaluating rear-view pedestrian detection. The testing videos contain videos with both standard and abnormal events. Pedestrian detection with YOLOv2 trained with INRIA dataset. The Street View Text (SVT) dataset contains 647 About 250,000 frames (in 137 approximately minute long segments) with a total of 350,000 bounding boxes and 2300 unique pedestrians were annotated. Vision . 07/16/2014: Added WordChannels and InformedHaar results. To this end, we propose a new pedestrian action prediction dataset created by adding per-frame 2D/3D bounding box and behavioral annotations to the popular autonomous driving dataset, nuScenes. 05/25/2020 ∙ by Jian Jia, et al. The dataset used for evaluation is available for download on this website. A collection of 8 dyadic human interactions with accompanying skeleton metadata. 07/22/2014: Updated CVC-ADAS dataset link and description. Additionally a MTMCT system has been implemented to be able to provide a … The UMD Dynamic Scene Recognition dataset consists of 13 classes and 10 videos per class and is used to classify dynamic scenes. It is composed of four sequences of four … Ahad in [24], [25] ... [16] J. Qu and Z. Liu, “Non-background HOG for pedestrian video . The eye positions have been set manua... A large set of marked up images of standing or walking people. 07/01/2019: Added ADM, ShearFtrs, and AR-Ped results. Lastly, if Nvidia GPU is used and CUDA with Compute Capability >3.0 is supported it is highly advised to also inst… Google Street View. ∙ 0 ∙ share . The LabelMeFacade dataset contains buildings, windows, sky and a limited number of unlabeled regions (maximally 20% covering of the image). Many different labeled video datasets have been collected over the past few years, but it is hard to compare them at a glance. 07/05/2018: Added FasterRCNN+ATT and AdaptFasterRCNN results. The set was recorded in Zurich, using a pair of cameras mounted on a mobile platform. The Freiburg-Berkeley Motion Segmentation Dataset (FBMS-59) is an extension of the BMS dataset with 33 additional video sequences. 09/05/2011: Major update of site to correspond to PAMI 2012 publication (released test annotations, updated evaluation code, updated plots, posted PAMI paper, added FeatSynth and HOG-LBP detectors). The pedestrian detection network was trained by using images of pedestrians and non-pedestrians. Both datasets were recorded by driving through large cities and provide annotated frames on video sequences. Multi-label Learning of Part Detectors for Heavily Occluded Pedestrian Detection; Illuminating Pedestrians via Simultaneous Detection & Segmentation; CVPR 2017. The Cambridge-driving Labeled Video Database (CamVid) dataset from Gabriel Brostow [?] [][PerformanceThis repo provides complementary material to this blog post, which compares the performance of four object detectors for a pedestrian detection task.It also introduces a feature to use multiple GPUs in parallel for inference using the multiprocessing package. Your help will be appreciated. I want to use your pedestrian-detection for video but i am unable to make it happen can you help me in this regard how can i use it for a video. Researchers can freely use the dataset. Its documentation describes the data structures stored in the dataset. In the last decade several datasets have been created for pedestrian detection training and evaluation. The data­set, named DAVIS 2017 (Densely An­not­ated VIdeo Seg­ment­a­tion), con­sists of 150 high qual­ity video se­quences, span­ning mul­tiple oc­cur­rences of com­mon video ob­ject seg­ment­a­tion chal­lenges such as oc­clu­sions, motion-​blur and ap­pear­ance changes. Extracted from the UCF Crowd Dataset. A new color face image database for ... We collected a video dataset, termed ChokePoint, designed for experiments in person identification/verification under real-world surveillance conditions... 10000 images of natural scenes, with 37 different logos, and 2695 logos instances, annotated with a bounding box. 08/04/2012: Added Crosstalk results. The Zurich Building dataset (ZuBud) from Hao Shao, Tomas Svoboda and Luc Van Gool [?] We perform the evaluation on every 30th frame, starting with the 30th frame. The Fish4Knowledge project ( is pleased to announce the availability of 2 subsets of our tropical coral reef The main contributions of this paper are as follows: (1) we introduce a FIR pedestrian dataset recorded at nighttime, which is the largest FIR pedestrian dataset with fine-grained annotated videos. We have considered three datasets used as benchmarks viz., COCO, INRIA, and PASCAL VOC datasets. For detailed information, please refer to: Flickr. The GaTech VideoStab dataset consists of N videos for the task of video stabilization. The test sequences provide interested researchers a real-world multi-view test data set captured in the blue-c portals. The New College Data Set contains 30GB of data intended for use by the mobile robotics and vision research communities. 11/26/2012: Added VeryFast results. The Rent3D dataset comprises floorplans and images. The Caltech Pedestrian Dataset consists of approximately 10 hours of 640x480 30Hz video taken from a vehicle driving through regular traffic in an urban environment. The dataset can be downloaded using anonymous ftp from Latest OpenCV version is also required if one opts to use the tools for displaying images or videos. The Yotta dataset consists of 70 images for semantic labeling given in 11 classes. Dataset test. Pedestrian detection is one of the important topics in computer vision with key applications in various fields of human life such as intelligent vehicles, surveillance and advanced robotics. results. The TVPR dataset includes 23 registration sessions. The San Francisco Landmark Dataset for Mobile Landmark Recognition is a set of images and query images for localization. This list is compiled from data available on Yahoo! This web page contains video data and ground truth for 16 dances with two different dance patterns. Two datasets are available for two different challen... LabelMe is a web-based image annotation tool that allows researchers to label images and share the annotations with the rest of the community. There are over 300K labeled video frames with 1842 pedestrian samples making this the largest publicly available dataset for studying pedestrian behavior in traffic. words and 3796 letters in 249 images harvested from The Salient Montages is a human-centric video summarization dataset from the paper [1]. Watch Queue Queue. This network is trained in MATLAB® by using the trainPedNet.m helper script. The multiple foreground video co-segmentation dataset, consisting of four sets, each with a video pair and two foreground objects in common. The Paris dataset consists of 6412 images. The Caltech Lanes dataset includes four clips taken around streets in Pasadena, CA at different times of day. The objects we are interested in these images are pedestrians. Part0 for each set contains the a... BelgiumTS is a large dataset with 10000+ traffic sign annotations, thousands of physically distinct traffic signs. It also provides accurate vehicle information from OBD sensor (vehicle speed, heading direction and … This UIUC Cars dataset by Shivani Agarwal, Aatif Awan and Dan Roth contains images of side views of cars for use in evaluating object detection algorith... Background Models Challenge (BMC) is a complete dataset and competition for the comparison of background subtraction algorithms. Filter. Dataset 10: Pedestrian Infrared/visible Stereo Video Dataset . The city planar and non-planar datset consists of urban scenes accompanied by text files describing the plane/non-plane locations. 08/02/2010: Added runtime versus performance plots. The focus is on pedestrian and driver behaviors at the point of crossing and factors that influence them. Instance recognition from depth data. Although pedestrian retrieval from a single dataset has improved in recent years, obstacles such as a lack of sample data, domain gaps within and between datasets (arising from factors such as variation in lighting conditions, resolution, season and background etc. Surfing, jumping, skiing, sliding, big ... Cars, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Faces, Leaves, Backgrounds. This paper aims to review the papers related to pedestrian detection in order to provide an overview of the recent research. The Colosseum and San Marco are two image datasets for dense multiview stereo reconstructions used for evaluating the visual photo realism. Work zone crashes kill an average of two people every day in the US alone, with those directing traffic at highest risk.. Our datasets provide construction workers, police, and emergency first responders for safe robust virtual training of pedestrian detection for these safety-critical scenarios. Orientation. These datasets were generated for the M2CAI challenges, a satellite event of MICCAI 2016 in Athens. Updated plot colors and style. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Each of the 23 folders contains the video of one registration session. The ETH dataset is captured from a stereo rig mounted on a stroller in the urban. Collected in a clothing store. The Longterm Pedestrian dataset consists of images from a stationary camera running 24 hours for 7 days at about 1 fps. Test video from Caltech dataset - set07_07 If results based on the dataset appear in a publication, please include a citation to: S. J. Blunsden, R. B. Fisher, "The BEHAVE video dataset: ground truthed video for multi-person behavior classification" , Annals of the BMVA, Vol 2010(4), pp 1-12. This API was used for the experiments on the pedestrian detection problem. 07/08/2013: Added MLS and MT-DPM results. INRIA [7], ETH [11], TudBrussels [29], and Daimler [10] represent early efforts to collect pedestrian datasets. The SPHERE human skeleton movements dataset was created using a Kinect camera, that measures distances and provides a depth map of the scene instead of ... A centralized benchmark for multi-object tracking. Caltech Pedestrian Japan Dataset: Similar to the Caltech Pedestrian Dataset (both in magnitude and annotation), except video was collected in Japan. For example, for the person category, we provide segmentation ma... A large and diverse labeled video dataset for video understanding research. This video is unavailable. Updated algorithms.pdf and website. The Kendall Square webcam dataset consists of two streams for one sunny day and one cloudy day of a city square. Captured with Kinect (640*480, about 30fps). INRIA [7], ETH [11], TudBrussels [29], and Daimler [10] represent early efforts to collect pedestrian datasets. In comparison with existing datasets, PETA is more diverse and challenging in terms of imagery variations and complexity. 07/07/2013: Added ConvNet, SketchTokens, Roerei and AFS results. If no detections are found the text file should be empty (but must still be present). INRIA Pedestrian¶. This is a dataset of rectified facade images and semantic labels. A sister dataset of pedestrian trajectories, DUT dataset, which consists of everyday scenarios in university campus, can be accessed at here. This ETHZ CVL RueMonge 2014 dataset used for 3D reconstruction and semantic mesh labelling for urban scene understanding. The Pittsburgh Fast-food Image dataset (PFID) consists of 4545 still images, 606 stereo pairs, 3033600 videos for structure from motion, and 27 privacy-... 1521 images with human faces, recorded under natural conditions, i.e. Watch Queue Queue It includes a traffic video sequence of 90 minutes long. The Pornography database contains nearly 80 hours of 400 pornographic and 400 non-pornographic videos. CMU/VMR Urban Image+Laser dataset contains 372 images linked with 3D laser points projections. To get acquainted with the dataset, it can be browsed using this html interface. The Traffic Video dataset consists of X video of an overhead camera showing a street crossing with multiple traffic scenarios. Other featur... 10000 images of natural scenes grabbed on Flickr, with 2695 logos instances cut and pasted from the BelgaLogos dataset. Currently two scenes are available. The dataset, named DAVIS 2016 (Densely Annotated VIdeo Segmentation), consists of fifty high quality, Full HD video sequences, spanning multiple occurrences of common video object segmentation challenges such as occlusions, motion-blur and appearance changes. MIT traffic data set is for research on activity analysis and crowded scenes. Pedestrian detection datasets can be used for further research and training. Pedestrian dense segmentation in complex scene is very difficult and time consuming to acquire manually. 6 hours of HD video are recorded with on-board camera at 30 FPS and split into approximately 10 minute chunks. The SegTrack dataset consists of six videos (five are used) with ground truth pixelwise segmentation (6th penguin is not usable). This repository contains Python code and pretrained models for pedestrian intention and trajectory estimation presented in our paper A. Rasouli, I. Kotseruba, T. Kunic, and J. Tsotsos, "PIE: A Large-Scale Dataset and Models for Pedestrian Intention Estimation and Trajectory Prediction", ICCV 2019.. Table of contents The High Definition Analytics (HDA) dataset is a multi-camera High-Resolution image sequence dataset for research on High-Definition surveillance: Pedes... At Udacity, we believe in democratizing education. The application of a drone camera for video recording, a new design of tracking strategy, and the Kalman lters for re ning trajectories made the extracted trajectories as accurate as possible. This repository contains labeled 3-D point cloud laser data collected from a moving platform in a urban environment. The KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite}, booktitle = {Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)}, year = {2012}} For the raw dataset, please cite: @ARTICLE{Geiger2013IJRR, author = {Andreas Geiger and Philip Lenz and Christoph Stiller and Raquel Urtasun}, title = {Vision meets Robotics: The KITTI Dataset}, journal = {International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)}, year = … Omnidirectional and panoramic image dataset (with annotations) to be used for human and car detection; Discovering Groups of People in Images; BIWI Walking Pedestrians (EWAP) CDnet Dataset for pedestrian and change detection; Hyunggi pedestrian dataset; Penn-Fudan Database for Pedestrian Detection; Berkeley urban street pedestrian dataset Please contact us to include your detector results on this site. 166 Free Pedestrian Stock Videos. Spatial Annotations. Each text file should contain 1 row per detected bounding box, in the format "[left, top, width, height, score]". Topic of Interest: Registration of pedestrian at close range in infrared/visible stereo videos. PIE Features. The dataset provided ... 15 wide baseline stereo image pairs with large viewpoint change, provided ground truth homographies. Contains drawing pages from US patents with manually labeled figure and part labels. The 1DSfM Landmarks is a collection of community-based image reconstruction by Kyle Wilson and is comprised of 14 datasets with comparison to bundler gr... California-ND contains 701 photos taken directly from a real user's personal photo collection, including many challenging non-identical near-duplicate c... Daimler Stereo Pedestrian Detection Benchmark The Inria Aerial Image Labeling addresses a core topic in remote sensing: the automatic pixelwise labeling of aerial imagery (link to paper). To track the pedestrian in videos, after applying the background subtraction and getting the foreground mask, we found the contours for each frame and then computed the bounding boxes for … It is composed of ADL (activity daily living) and fall actions simulated by 11 volunteers. A set of car and non-car images taken in a parking lot nearby INRIA. The Symmetry Facades dataset contains 9 building facades with multiple images. All the pairs are manually annotated (person, people, cyclist) for the total of 103,128 dense annotations and 1,182 unique pedestrians. The task consists in spotting and recognizing gestures from multiple synchronized sensors: 1 Kinect and 4 X... We present the 2017 DAVIS Challenge, a public competition specifically designed for the task of video object segmentation. 3d tracking multiple target benchmark dataset people pedestrian surveillance video: link: 2019-09-26: 2306: 258: Visual Attributes dataset: The Visual Attributes dataset contains visual attribute annotations for over 500 object classes (animate and inanimate) which are all represented in ImageNet. Content MODS: Fast and Robus... Gaze data on video stimuli for computer vision and visual analytics. Home; Python; Java; PHP; Databases; Graphics & Web; 24 Dec 2015. Pedestrian intention and trajectory estimation. Fixed some broken links. The Ecole Centrale Paris 2010 (Paris 2010) dataset consists of 30 images of densely annotated building facades in seven classes - wall, window, sky, sho... Th EPFL Multi-View Car dataset contains 20 sequences of cars as they rotate by 360 degrees. PTZ Tracking, Thermal-visible registration, Single object tracking. The Google Street View Pittsburgh Research dataset is a street-level image collection provided by Google for research purposes. Instructions for loading the the data into matlab are available here. The VSUMM (Video SUMMarization) dataset is of 50 videos from Open Video. The crowd datasets are collected from a variety of sources, such as UCF and data-driven crowd datasets. We cannot release this data, however, we will benchmark results to give a secondary evaluation of various detectors. The eTrims dataset is comprised of two datasets, the 4-Class eTRIMS Dataset with 4 annotated object classes and the 8-Class eTRIMS Dataset with 8 annota... Places205 dataase contains 2.5 million images from 205 scene categories for the academic public. It was first published in [1... ChairGest is an open challenge / benchmark. The Deformed Lattice Detection In Real-World Images dataset is used for regular grid detection. You should have a GCC toolchain installed on your computer. 06/27/2010: Added converted version of Daimler pedestrian dataset and evaluation results on Daimler data. Hence, there are multiple standard datasets available, consisting of person as a class, used for these research works. These datasets have been superseded by larger and richer datasets such as the popular Caltech-USA [9] and KITTI [12]. 1, the pedestrians vary widely in appearance, pose and scale. Since pedestrian shape priors are needed in many applications, a synthetic ground-truth dataset was constructed from simulated crowds. The Longterm Pedestrian dataset consists of images from a stationary camera running 24 hours for 7 days at about 1 fps. The dataset captures 25 people preparing 2 mixed salads each and contains over 4h of annotated accelerometer and RGB-D video data. The heights of labeled pedestrians in this database fall into [180,390] pixels. Section 4, groups the methods of pedestrian detection and tracking method for moving and fixed camera into different … Pedestrian datasets. I was working on a project for human detection. Traffic Video dataset. Research related to pedestrian detection the last four years this is a topic Slightly updated display code for latest OSX Matlab. varying illumination and complex background. [pdf | bibtex], Additional datasets in standardized format. All Horizontal Vertical. JAAD is a dataset for studying joint attention in the context of autonomous driving. The contour patches dataset is a large dataset of images patch matches used for contour detection. The annotation is in a form of ... t is composed of food intake movements, recorded with Kinect V1 (320240 depth frame resolution), simulated by 35 volunteers for a total of 48 tests. Results: reasonable, detailed. EuroCityPersons was released in 2018 but we include results of few older models on it as well. The objects we are interested in these images are pedestrians. This site is dedicated to provide datasets for the Robotics community with the aim to facilitate result evaluations and comparisons. The directory structure should mimic the directory structure containing the videos: "set00/V000, set00/V001...". This is an image database containing images that are used for pedestrian detection in the experiments reported in . The images are taken from scenes around campus and urban street. The BEOID dataset includes object interactions ranging from preparing a coffee to operating a weight lifting machine and opening a door. In HouseCraft, we utilize rental ads to create realistic textured 3D models of building exteriors. 31 image pairs, simultaneously combining several nuisance factors: geometry, illumination, IR-visible, etc. The Ford Car dataset is joint effort of Pandey et al. Please contact Piotr Dollár [pdollar[[at]]] with questions or comments or to submit detector results. The Wide (multiple) Baseline Dataset. PAMI, 2012. 08/01/2010: Added FPDW and PLS results. Patch dimensions are obtained from a heatmap, which represents the distribution of pedestrians in the images in the data set. Some datasets and evaluation tools are provided on this page for four different computer vision and computer graphics problems. The Swedish Traffic Sign Recognition provides Matlab code for parsing the annotation files and displaying the results. (for collecting images, Lidar points, calibration etc.) Pedestrian retrieval is widely used in intelligent video surveillance and is closely related to people’s lives. It used for coupled symmetry and structure from motion detection. The Berkeley Video Segmentation Dataset (BVSD) contains videos for segmentation (boundary?) The videos were taken at a resolution of 1024 × 768 and 15 fps. The TRaffic ANd COngestionS (TRANCOS) dataset, a novel benchmark for (extremely overlapping) vehicle counting in traffic congestion situations. Vision . The goal of the annotation is to study the layout of the facades. About 250,000 frames (in 137 approximately minute long segments) with a total of 350,000 bounding boxes and 2300 unique pedestrians were annotated.