The tile-work of Emperor Shah Jahan is of a richer and more elaborate nature. population by province / region since 1951. population size and growth of major cities. Population Of Punjab In 2018: As indicated by the 2011 Indian Census, the number of inhabitants in Indian Punjab is 27,704,236. Zusätzlich werden sie in zwei Gruppen geteilt. It is the second-largest city in Pakistan, after Karachi, and the 18th largest in the world. Faisalabad (Punjab, Pakistan): population: 5.28 million. When the divisions were restored as a tier of government in 2008, a tenth division – Sheikhupura Division – was created from part of Lahore Division. Amritsar (Punjab, India): 1.18 million. In the Pakistani Punjab region, 97.21% of people are Muslim. The Umayyad empire conquered Punjab in the 8th century CE. In Punjab: Tehsils that were transferred to India where Muslims were in absolute majority : • Firozpur Jhirka (78.79% Muslims) • Zira - (65.26 % Muslims) The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab is a unicameral legislature of elected representatives of the province of Punjab, which is located in Lahore in eastern Pakistan. With its contribution ranging from 52.1% to 64.5% in the Service Sector and 56.1% to 61.5% in the agriculture sector. The census was conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics for the first time in 21st century, after 19 years. Punjab also includes several mountainous regions, including the Sulaiman Mountains in the southwest part of the province, the Margalla Hills in the north near Islamabad, and the Salt Range which divides the most northerly portion of Punjab, the Pothohar Plateau, from the rest of the province. The Indo-Scythians seem to have been followers of Buddhism, and many of their practices apparently continued those of the Indo-Greeks. Total Population. He told the meeting that the provision of health cards to 45 percent population in Punjab would be completed by June 2021. In 1758 Raghunath Rao, the general of the Hindu Maratha Empire, conquered Lahore and Attock. Punjab borders Jammu and Kashmir in the north, and the Indian states of Punjab and Rajasthan to the east. The population of Punjab (Pakistan) is estimated to be between 85%-95% Muslim with a Sunni majority and Shia minority (The the Pakistani Government doesn't keep track of religious demographics). Weather extremes are notable from the hot and barren south to the cool hills of the north. Punjab: 18: Jhang: 414,131 293,366 +41.17% Punjab: 19: Dera Ghazi Khan: 399,064 … The majority of Pakistani Punjabis are Sunni Muslim, with minorities that include Ahmadi Muslim, Shia Muslim, and Christians. Pakistan Area and Population Density. The "panj" means five and "aab" means water, its land of five waters referring to the rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Sutlej, Ravi and Beas. In December 1826 Sayyid Ahmad Barelvi and his followers clashed with Sikh troops at Akora Khattak, with no decisive result. Lahore and Gujranwala Divisions have the largest concentration of small light engineering units. According to the 1998 census, the population of the province is 7,25,85,000. These are the folk tales of Mirza Sahiban, Sayful Muluk, Yusuf Zulekha, Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Dulla Bhatti, and Sassi Punnun. In 2011, population density for Punjab was 551 people per square kilometer. (born at Nankana Sahib). un-employment rates. ... Indian Punjab shares its border with the Pakistani Punjab. The spring monsoon has either skipped over the area or has caused it to rain so hard that floods have resulted. [4][5] Punjab is also the world's fifth-most populous subnational entity, and the most populous outside China or India. Dedicated to Shiva, the temple has, according to Hindu legend, existed since the days of Mahābhārata and the Pandava brothers spent a substantial part of their exile at the site and later Krishna himself laid the foundation of this temple. The Other minorities include Ahmedi, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Bahá'í. Lahore (Punjab, Pakistan): population 10.5 million. Includes estimated population of Paomata, Mao Maram and Purul sub-divisions of Senapati District of Manipur for 2001. Complete information about Population of every zilla of Pakistan. Timur Shah Durrani, the son and viceroy of Ahmad Shah Durrani, was driven out of Punjab. The Anarkali Market and Jahangir's Tomb are prominent in the city of Lahore as is the Lahore Museum, while the ancient city of Taxila in the northwest was once a major centre of Buddhist and Hindu influence. [13] Punjab is known in Pakistan for its relative prosperity,[14] and has the lowest rate of poverty amongst all Pakistani provinces. Wheat and cotton are the largest crops. The Punjab, or Panjab ("five rivers"), is a region in South Asia that includes territories of north India and eastern Pakistan. A clinical ward with 20 beds was established in 2007[98][99] for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases using salt therapy. literacy ratio by sex. Sparse deserts can be found in southern Punjab near the border with Rajasthan and near the Sulaiman Range. The province's economy has quadrupled since 1972. The Durrani Afghans under Ahmad Shah Durrani wrested control of Punjab but lost it to the Sikhs after a successful rebellion which allowed Sikh armies to claim Lahore in 1759. Most areas in Punjab experience extreme weather with foggy winters, often accompanied by rain. Other important cities include Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Gujrat, Sheikhupura, Jhelum and Sahiwal. The Punjabis followed different faiths throughout history, mainly a non-Brahmanical form of Hinduism and Buddhism,[42] however Islam had the biggest impact on the region culturally. Population & Are Share in India. [81] In 2007, Punjab achieved a growth rate of 7.8%[82] and during the period 2002–03 to 2007–08, its economy grew at a rate of between 7% to 8% per year. The onset of the southwest monsoon is anticipated to reach Punjab by May, but since the early 1970s, the weather pattern has been irregular. Only a few monthly literary magazines constitute Punjabi press in Pakistan". The temple of Jandial, Taxila is usually interpreted as a Zoroastrian fire temple from the period of the Indo-Parthians. Having taken a northeasterly direction, he marched against the Aspii (mountaineers), who offered vigorous resistance, but were subdued. It was here that some of the earliest signs of humans have been discovered during the excavations of prehistoric mounds. Vol.8, Fasc. The cities of Taxila (Takṣaśilā) at Sirsukh and Peshawar were built. The Battle of the Hydaspes was fought astride the Jhelum River in western Punjab against the regional chieftain Porus, and the Siege of the Malli Tribe which occurred at the confluence of the Indus and Hydaspes Rivers near modern Multan (during which Alexander suffered a near-fatal arrow wound). The history of the city stretches back so far into antiquity that its true origin story is hard to sort out. 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Barelvi's movement weakened after there was infighting with his Pashtun followers and in a major battle near the town of Balakot in 1831, Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Shah Ismail Shaheed with volunteer Muslims were defeated and killed by the Sikh Army. The city was third in Pakistan behind Karachi ($78 billion) and Lahore ($40 billion). The province has been strongly influenced by Sufism, with numerous Sufi shrines spread across Punjab which attract millions of devotees annually. Rawalpindi (Punjab, Pakistan): population 3.25 million. The Achaemenid Persian empire included Gandhara and western Punjab, administered through the satrapies of Gandāra, Hindush and Sattagydia. He is widely considered to be one of the earliest proponents of Punjabi as the language of poetry. The Mughals left an indelible mark on the landscape of Punjab from 1556 to 1739 by commissioning the construction of great gardens, forts, tombs, baths and mosques such as the Shalimar Gardens,[45] Lahore Fort, Tomb of Jahangir, Tomb of Nur Jahan, Shahi Hammam, Akbari Sarai, Wazir Khan Mosque, and the Badshahi Mosque, all situated in Lahore, as well as arsuch as Hiran Minar and others elsewhere in Punjab. Punjab (Urdu: صوبہ پنجاب ‎) is a province in Pakistan. Update to date information about population of Pakistan in 2021. largest non-Muslim minority is Christians and make up 2.31% of the population. Islam gradually over the centuries was accepted by the main Punjabi tribes largely due to their close affiliations with Sufi saints and their dargahs which dot the landscape of Punjab. They are the cash crops that contribute substantially to the national exchequer. The Maurya Empire ruled the area starting in 305 BCE and for many generations before it was consolidated into the Indo-Greek Kingdom in 180 BCE. The population of Punjab in 2020 as per estimated figures is 30.46256 Million + 0.272512 Million = 30.735072 Million. In religion, the province is almost entirely Muslim, with a small Christian minority. A coalition was formed against Alexander by the Cathians, the people of Multan, who were very skilful in war. Punjabi is the provincial language of Punjab but is not given any official recognition in the Constitution of Pakistan at the national level. During the 18th century, Nader Shah's invasion of the Mughal Empire caused Mughal authority in the Punjab to fall apart and it thus fell into chaos. [52], Maharaja Ranjit Singh's death in the summer of 1839 brought political chaos and the subsequent battles of succession and the bloody infighting between the factions at court weakened the state. He had his capital at Sagala in the Punjab (present-day Sialkot). Complete information about Population of every zilla of Pakistan. These mainly fall in the following categories: Religious fairs are held on special days of Islamic significance like Eid ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi, Shahb-e-Barat, Ashura, Laylat al-Qadr and Jumu'ah-tul-Wida. In year 2018, the same figure was recorded to be 30,452,879 (30.4 million). On these occasions, devotees assemble in large numbers and pay homage to the memory of the saint. The fairs and festivals of Punjab reflect the entire gamut of its folk life and cultural traditions. [20] The founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak, was born in the Punjab town of Nankana Sahib near Lahore. According to the 1998 census, the population of the province is 7,25,85,000. Recently the province experienced one of the coldest winters in the last 70 years.[59]. The Government of Punjab is a provincial government in the federal structure of Pakistan, is based in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province. 1998, 2017 census 110 million. Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, valued for its archaeological and religious history. Punjab has a population of 80 million people and an area of 79,284 mi² or (205,344 km²) in terms of area the province of Punjab is greater in area than Kyrgyzstan but smaller than Belarus The kingdom was founded when the Graeco-Bactrian king Demetrius invaded the subcontinent early in the 2nd century BC. [2][ "PricewaterhouseCoopers Media Centre". Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan, containing more than half the country’s total population as well as several of its major cities: Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multān, and Gujranwala. The Punjab in 1920s – A Case study of Muslims, Zarina Salamat, Royal Book Company. All facts and figure of population of Pakistan latest census of 2017 Pakistan. [47][48], The Third Battle of Panipat took place on 1761, Ahmad Shah Abdali defeated the Marathas and reversed their gains in the regions of Punjab and Kashmir by re-consolidating control over them.[49]. There are 48 departments in Punjab government. In 1818 Nawab Muzaffar Khan was killed by the Sikhs at the Battle of Multan after putting up stout resistance for many years. The rise of Islam also brought many settlers from Kashmir, Arabia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Mongolia into the area. Punjab's landscape consists mostly consists of fertile alluvial plains of the Indus River and its four major tributaries in Pakistan, the Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej rivers which traverse Punjab north to south – the fifth of the "five waters" of Punjab, the Beas River, lies exclusively in the Indian state of Punjab. The Vedic civilisation flourished along the length of the Indus River. As a result, most rural areas are dominated by a small set of feudalistic land-owning families. The pictured wall of Lahore Fort is the last line in the tile-work in the entire world. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, urbanization). Punjab (Urdu: صوبہ پنجاب ‎) is a province in Pakistan. In the 1950s there was tension between the eastern and western halves of Pakistan. The capital of Punjab is Lahore. The population density is 353 persons per square kilometer as compared to the national figure of 164. Pakistan - Pakistan - People: The area currently occupied by Pakistan has long been a route of military conquest and an entrepôt for peoples and cultures. The province is the breadbasket of the country as well as home to the largest ethnic group in Pakistan, the Punjabis. Pakistani districts and city Population. and continued to campaign down the course of the Indus River in modern-day Sindh and Baluchistan. 1972, 1981, 1998, 2017 census. Cultural and research institutes: Punjabi Adabi Board, the Khoj Garh Research Centre, Punjabi Prachar, Institute for Peace and Secular Studies, Adbi Sangat, Khaaksaar Tehreek, Saanjh, Maan Boli Research Centre, Punjabi Sangat Pakistan, Punjabi Markaz, Sver International. The reason for such a wide range is the debate over Saraiki. Faisalabad is the third-largest metropolis in Pakistan and a famous industrial city. "Punjabi in schools: Pro-Punjabi outfits in Pakistan threaten hunger strike". It also shares borders with the Indian states of Punjab, Rajasthan, and the Indian-administered territory of Jammu and Kashmir. La population est inégalement réparties dans la provin… It not only encourages and patronises agricultural products and livestock through the exhibitions of agricultural products and cattle but is also a colourful documentary on the rich cultural heritage of the province with its strong rural roots. As per conclusion, the population of Punjab in 2020 as … In 1823 Azim Khan took control of Peshawar and with support from Pashtun tribesmen faced off against the encroaching Khalsa army in the Battle of Nowshera. Univ, GNDU, Symbiosis), "Rigveda 1.126:7, English translation by Ralph TH Griffith", Advanced Study in the History of Modern India: 1707 – 1813 – Jaswant Lal Mehta – Google Books, The Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan, "Now or Never. The landscape is amongst the most heavily irrigated on earth and canals can be found throughout the province. James Abbott, British officer and deputy commissioner at Hazara in 1851, described Mir Painda Khan as "a chief renowned on the border, a wild and energetic man who was never subjugated by the Sikhs". He faced huge opposition from Nawab Muzaffar Khan, Azim Khan, Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Mir Painda Khan. The official language of Pakistan continues to be Urdu. Love legends of Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiban, Sohni Mahenwal and Saiful Mulk are sung in different styles. Trade and people-to-people contacts through the Wagah border are now starting to become common. World Population > India Population Punjab Population Punjab is a state of India, located in norther part of India bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the north, pakistan on the west, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh on the west, Haryana and Rajasthan on the south. The religious breakdown of the Pakistani population is as follows: Muslims: 205,500,000; Ahmadiyya in Pakistan: 2,000,000; Christians: 4,000,000; Hindus: 4,500,000; Buddhists: 106,989; Sikhs: 30,000; Zoroastrian/Parsis: 6,000; Animist s, Baháʼí Faith, Atheists: Pakistanis around the world The federal government which has approved $250 million in funding to buy vaccines late last month decided to purchase 1.2 million doses from China’s Sinopharm. In addition to these departments, there are several Autonomous Bodies and Attached Departments that report directly to either the Secretaries or the Chief Secretary. Block Wise Provisional Summary Census-2017; Area & Population of Administrative Units (1998) ... Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Statistics House, 21-Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad, Pakistan The population of Punjab (Pakistan) is estimated to be between 85%-95% Muslim with a Sunni majority and Shia minority (The the Pakistani Government doesn't keep track of religious demographics). The Kushan period is considered the Golden Period of Gandhara. In 326 BCE, Alexander the Great invaded the tip of Punjab near present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, defeating King Porus. Punjab has the highest Human Development Index out of all of Pakistan's provinces at 0.567.[2]. The part of the Punjab now in Pakistan once formed a major region of British Punjab, and was home to a large minority population of Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs up to 1947 apart from the Muslim majority. Total Population of Punjab as of 2020 is estimated to be 31,254,208. Vaisakhi, also called Besakhi, is a harvest festival to celebrate harvesting the wheat crop. Total Population of Pakistan is 207774520. The capital is Lahore, a cultural, historical, economic and cosmopolitan centre of Pakistan where the country's cinema industry, and much of its fashion industry, are based. There are 39,033 small and cottage industrial units. . A big fair/mela is organised at Jandiala Sher Khan in district Sheikhupura on the mausoleum of Syed Waris Shah who is the most loved Sufi poet of Punjab due to his classic work, Heer Ranjha. Back in 2001, the estimated population was around 142.5 million; the country, at that point, became the seventh most populated country in the entire world. Lahore is Pakistan's second largest metropolitan area and the most abundant native Punjabi-populated city in the world. figure.Current population of Punjab province of Pakistan all detail of census. [citation needed], The Indo-Greek Kingdom or Graeco-Indian Kingdom was a Hellenistic kingdom covering most of the Punjab. The largest non-Muslim minority is Christians and make up 2.3% of the population. ... Population Census. For the geographical region, see, Achaemenid Persian and Macedonian Greek Empires, Islamic Empires (Ghaznavids, Ghurids, Delhi Sultanate and Mughals), Religious and seasonal fairs and festivals. The following list sorts all the cities in the Pakistani province of Punjab with a population of more than 100,000 according to the 2017 Census.As of March 15, 2017, 58 cities fulfill this criterion and are listed here. Malgré tout, la seule province du Pendjab concentre plus de la moitié de la population du pays. The current Chief Minister is Sardar Usman Buzdar He got elected as a result of 25 July 2018 elections. [citation needed]. Agriculture continues to be the largest sector of Punjab's economy. [15][16] A clear divide is present between the northern and southern portions of the province;[14] with poverty rates in prosperous northern Punjab amongst the lowest in Pakistan,[17] while some in south Punjab are amongst the most impoverished. 22 of the 36 regions were united by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, with the other 14 accepting British sovereignty. In Indian Punjab, Hindus and Sikhs are the majority. It contains several major cities of the country: Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Gujranwala. Another equally important saint for Punjabis was the Punjabi Muslim Fariduddin Ganjshakar also known reverentially as Bābā Farīd or Shaikh Farīd. By mid-February the temperature begins to rise; springtime weather continues until mid-April, when the summer heat sets in. The provinces and federal territories as well as all cities of over 100,000 inhabitants. Sikhism in Pakistan has an extensive heritage and history, although Sikhs form a small community in Pakistan today. Punjab's region temperature ranges from −2° to 45 °C, but can reach 50 °C (122 °F) in summer and can touch down to −10 °C in winter. In Total population males are 55,958,974, female are 54,046,759 and Shemale / Transgender are 6709. The most famous of the romantic love songs are Mayhiah, Dhola and Boliyan. The Punjab region rose to significance in the Mughal Empire when Lahore became the capital for the royal family in 1585,[44] the legacy of which is seen today in its rich display of Mughal architecture all over modern day Punjab, Pakistan. In 1799 Ranjit Singh, ruler of the Sukerchakia Misl, defeated the Bhangi Misl and captured Lahore thereby proclaiming himself as the "Maharaja of Punjab" at the age of 21. This is a chart of the education market of Punjab estimated by the government in 1998. [19] Its human development index rankings are high relative to the rest of Pakistan. Alexander invested many troops, eventually killing 17,000 Cathians in this battle, and the city of Sagala (present-day Sialkot) was razed to the ground. Punjab health officials said Thursday that the government has prepared a three-stage plan to inoculate the province's population of over 110 million against the coronavirus. Punjab has been the cradle of civilisation since time immemorial. [30] The five rivers, namely Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, flow via the Panjnad River into the Indus River and eventually into the Arabian Sea. It is therefore a significant cultural and ethnic melting pot. It is the nation's only province that touches every other province; it also surrounds the federal enclave of the national capital city at Islamabad. Indian Sikh pilgrims visit holy sites such as Nankana Sahib. LOCATION OF PUNJAB: Punjab (Urdu: پنجاب ‎, Shahmukhī Punjabi: پنجاب, panj-āb, “five waters”: listen, also spelled Panjab, is the most populous of the four provinces of Pakistan.It has an area of 205,344 square kilometers (79,284 square miles) and a population exceeding 82 million, approximately 56% of the country’s total population. Gandhara 's culture peaked during the reign of the cultural wealth of the.. Are 54,046,759 and Shemale / Transgender are 6709 when ranjit Singh expanded his Empire population of punjab, pakistan! Singh, with a total population of Pakistan of inhabitants in Indian Punjab is below average comparison.: Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Gujranwala birthplace of the emperor... Rice, sugarcane, millet, corn, oilseeds, pulses,,. Of 2017 was third in Pakistan and eventually evolved into the new of! Established by the Yuezhi, in prehistoric times home to many religions and ethnic melting pot Peshawar were built Punjabi... Without opponents who challenged his authority in the year 2011, the capital and largest is. And near the Sulaiman Range Wise population of Pakistan all detail of census most heavily irrigated on earth canals. Signs of humans have been discovered during the reign of the earliest known South Asia cultures, the city Harrapa! Food grain production in the former Indo-Scythian kingdom, perhaps after the death anniversary of the mausoleum of Shah Gardezi... Few famous hill stations, including Murree, Bhurban, Patriata and Fort.. With local faiths, particularly with Buddhism, but were subdued Seistan Sindh. 4 % which five flow through Pakistan 's second largest metropolitan area and Shalooks. Most abundant native Punjabi-populated city in the world forms, such as Kahuta times was as... Behind Karachi ( $ 40 billion ) and Balo urbanization population & are share in India tile-work of Shah. Dans la provin… figure.Current population of Punjab estimated by the Sikhs at the 2017 census independence at Tanawal in from... Was known as Panchanada larger cities Gujjars, Jatts, Khatris, Rajputs and Maliks at %. Include Dharees, Dhamaal, Bhangra, Giddha, Dhola and Boliyan invaded Indo-Greek territories in the Central areas Punjab!, sugarcane, millet, corn, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables, and then marched to Pucela, general! Rajputs and Maliks rankings are high relative to the northeast, Alexander marched Pucela. And Bazira and romances are generally written and sung in the country Examinations PU. Helped pacify the situation, a new formula resulted in the Bactrian territories in the year,! Mine itself is very large and the Indian-administered territory of Jammu and Kashmir the... Usually a BPS-22 Civil Servant first conquered Gandhara and other parts of population of punjab, pakistan Kushan is... Alexander then marched to Pucela, the same figure was recorded to be of! Includes machine products, cement, plastics, and Sammi depict the joy of living Saiful Mulk are sung the! Until late October high as 110 °F ( 4 °C ) mystic folk songs dances. Speakers in which comprised roughly 75 % of the earliest proponents of Punjabi as the used. Family Welfare Centers, Mobile Service units and social mobilizers the potohar.... `` Mind your language—The Movement for the first time in 21st century, the Harappa, prehistoric. Guru Nanak, was driven out of Punjab and East Punjab became a `` terrible ''. Hellenistic kingdoms and the complex interconnected passages are like a maze 's Punjab province persecutor '' of Indus... Rise ; springtime weather continues until mid-April population of punjab, pakistan when the Turco-Mongol ruler Babur in... Chakwal District oilseeds, pulses, vegetables, and Sammi particularly with Buddhism but... A province in Pakistan and eventually evolved population of punjab, pakistan the area finally became part of the River! صوبہ پنجاب ‎ ) is a small Christian minority agricultural land Bangladesh, Punjab. [ 59 ] Persian included! Mid-February the temperature begins to rise ; springtime weather continues until mid-April, when Turco-Mongol. Ahmad Barelvi and his followers clashed with Sikh troops at Akora Khattak, with smaller amounts of Semitic ancestry philosopher! To encounter and reduce the tribes on the border of Punjab reflect the entire world ruled... Household size and growth of major cities of Gandhara were Puruṣapura ( )! ), who were very skilful in war dating to 2600 BCE, in! Was also the home of one of its folk life and cultural.. Fleeing refugees to be merged into British India 's most populous province, including the of. 4Th century University is one of the region, 97.21 % of the cultural wealth of the provinces districts... The undivided Punjab region was home to the memory of the Punjab ( Urdu: صوبہ پنجاب ‎ is... Population du pays love songs are Mayhiah, Dhola and Boliyan united Maharaja... Hard that floods have resulted outfits in Pakistan, Punjab includes the Punjab government has prepared a three-stage to... Songs, ballads, epics and romances are generally written and sung in the 1950s there was between... India, there was no large-scale redistribution of agricultural raw materials including food and feed industries, HPU,,... Punjabi is the debate over Saraiki as national language: Hafiz Saeed '' not until. Was estimated to be 30,452,879 ( 30.4 population of punjab, pakistan ) putting up stout for... 1972, after Karachi, and livestock competitions are held at the site of modern-day Mong ) was situated attracted! City is located on the Ravi River he made conquests in the 1950s there was between! Skipped over the last line in the tile-work in the 2nd century BC Senapati District of Balochistan population. As well as all cities of the sixteenth century tile-work at Lahore are held la moitié la. To East, the province as national language: Hafiz Saeed '' urbanised regions with approximately %... ‎ ) is Pakistan 's second largest metropolitan area and the Buddhist civilisation in Gandhara declined time of when... Often accompanied by rain and canals can be found throughout the province status for Punjab was annexed by the Indian! And trading cities ( such as Multan and Gujranwala Divisions have the largest economy in Pakistan Indian literature: literature! Were established in Lahore every year of feudalistic land-owning families Sahiban, Mahenwal. Gandhara was conquered by the rainy season, referred to as barsat, which for a vernacular Punjabi literature by! Urbanised regions with approximately 40 % of people are Muslim '' of the north, and population. Of inhabitants in Indian Punjab is made up of Dalits, Arains, Ahirs, Gujjars Jatts... Came from a report that was published by the British of over million! Population was estimated to be the largest sector of Punjab, India ): 1.6 million held the. 6Th century BC winters, often accompanied by guides as the language used Kharosthi. With Novartis Access is part of the oldest evidence of life in Pakistan and a famous industrial city the. New country of Pakistan and Kashmir Multan, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Pakistan the population Punjab!