Hello, Both of the codes worked great! In this tutorial, we are going to show you two methods to create drop down list with multiple checkboxes in Excel. If not, is there something we could add to the code, to “highlight” those values that the user added (that are not valid)? Hi thank you for this nice tutorial. Any ideas? This was great and solved my issue. Thank you for your great assistance in multiple selection drop down list through a VBA code. If I do this with this formula, it appends what ever was input first, i.e. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4a019783ca43d6f04d60ef16990d45dd38f33690231d5cf6678d750a7576b04a.png. Is there a way to alter your code to accomplish this? HI, Happy 2018!! I’ve been playing around with this some more and have realized that the error only appears when I have my spreadsheet formatted as a table. How to stop this? It saved a lot of re-work for me. Hi. I am able to make multiple selections in the first column. Thank you for taking the time and educating us. Worked perfectly well . End If Many thanks, Jenny. Besides that feature is there a way to keep the chosen values from the dropdown list highlighted and erase selected value by double clicking on them? If you go to our excel, drop-down list, cell (D2), and click on the drop-down list in excel. Removing/deleting an item in your list (eg after clicking a wrong one) and at the same time also removing leading and trailing spaces and comma’s works fine for me with the code below. I used this code to be able to select multiple and have them show up in each cell. (35 in my example) but I assume that you have done that. Appreciate any help!! I have followed this to the letter and still only get one entry at a time. I am simply trying to get multiple choices in the same cell. Help! When the value in C1 changes, how can I ensure C3 resets to blank and does not leave the old values that were relevant to the old value entered in C1? I have encountered this issue too. I cannot switch it off? Do you know how to allow editing of the cells after selections are made? How to save this vba code with my worksheet? Really useful, and just saved me hours of brain hurt! I also have the selection macro running on more than one row however it is running all in the same column, so the macro would need to run regardless of the row the data is in. I have the same issue as Benny. Suppose I have a different list in each dropdown? In the Data Validation dialogue box, within the settings tab, select ‘List’ as Validation Criteria. Would this allow me to do two concurrent multiple choice selectons. In my case, I just have remove all the code from VBA because it doesn’t help…It’s sad because it is a good idea, however from what it see the code doesn’t take this in consideration and anyone as provided a solution either…If someone has figure out something it would be nice to know. Again, thank you for your this article, it has been most helpful! Is this code in addition to the original code in the tutorial? Here is the code that will make sure an item can only be selected once so that there are no repetitions: Now you need to place this code in a module in VB Editor (as shown in the next section of this tutorial). Currently there’s roughly ~25 items in the list and I only want them to be able to select a maximum of 5 of those at a time. It will never remove the first item I select in the list. That make sense? Just had one problem: why does it refrain me from editing other cells? . I plug in the VBA code and changed it to If Target.Column = H, but it does not work. One question – once I’ve implemented this on my spreadsheet, I may create pivot tables using the data contained therein. I used this code a year ago and it worked. If Target.Column = 3 or Target.Column = 14 or Target.Column = 15 Then. thank you in advance. (Use case is that after review with teams, we need to change the selected teams). Thank you for all the added code to make each selection show up on a separate line, and work in a protected file. When I want to remove 1 (A) value from list of say 3 values (A,B,C), its not working for me, I have to delete all the values in cell and start new selection for values. Strange! My question is, I’ve followed your instructions from above to modify the code and get it working on just one column, in this case column 7. i use vlookup for my list and when choose a item in list the price of item show in other cell. I know I can turn off the the error message and allow them to type something, but I want their to be an item on the list like “other” and then when they select it they can enter their info. It’s the same document on a shared server. This information was vital, thanks. would more convenient if the list stays open until i finish selecting my items. In Excel, to create a 2-level or multiple level drop-down list is complex. Application.EnableEvents = True This is an excellent layout and step by step instruction. sir I need all Excel sheet in all drop down list multiply selection kindly send code or excel formula apply. So for example, lets say I have a table of fruit choices for 5 people (separated below with with drop down list as above, the responses are banana, apple, orange; apple, orange; banana, orange; apple; banana, apple, is there a way to run a pivot table so that I know how many people chose banana, how many chose apple, etc. Your code desnt works in that case. However, once I insert your code into the box, nothing is happening. Do I need to modify any of the code for my dropdown cells? How can I make this work? Hi Sumit .. I need to remove a entity by double selecting the option. Thank you! Suppose we want to have the values to enter Shoe Brand to choose from. Great. Sumit – thanks for putting this up, this was exactly what I was looking for. Hi Sumit! I was wondering if you got the fix for this that you wouldn’t mind sharing. e.g. Currently, my drop down list text is located in Sheet 2, but the drop down box itself is in Sheet 1. Not sure why. Go to Data –> Data Tools –> Data Validation. If I enter any data into column A, press TAB to go to the next cell in the row which is in column B. Any time I try to make changes the text keeps multiplying instead of deleting. ), I get a green triangle trace error in the cell. I need to be able to select from a list into a full column. How do I unselect the items from the drop down list? How can I do that? Do you have solution for this? Thank You for your post and your help. Hi Sumit – your VBA instructions are great and I love that you’ve thought about all the other uses (ie duplicates / non duplicates, separate line in cell) as it’s perfect for what I want! This article, I will talk about how to create a multi-level dependent drop down list in Excel. But as soon as I “format as table” the trace error appears. In case of multiple columns, if dropdown is not there and user manually enter the data, that data also concatenating. Any advice on that? Is the following correct “If Target.Column = 3 And Target.Row > 6 And Target.Row < 81 Then"? Before you start using this code in excel, you need to put it in the back-end, such that it gets fired whenever there is any change in the drop-down selection. I have created the data validation drop down list, ez pz, but regardless of the code I paste in, I don’t get these results. Appreciate your help here, thank you! The only thing I can think of is that it is somehow related to the code allowing for multiple selections. Hi! Thank you! lol! Need 2 multi pick list in same sheet how to use this code? New selection replace the old. I have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, in case that matters. I assume it has to do with the way I am tying is into the sheet 2. Can someone please help??? 80%, Office Tab - brings tabbed interface to Office, and make your work much easier. Same issue from my side, and if I also go to the cell and delete, doesn’t help because it will appear once again all the options selected previously. I want to get rid of “Option ***” and “Option 4”. I’ve tried everything! I know almost nothing about code. Now I am having this weird problem where if I try to delete and edit something in a cell that does NOT have a drop down it won’t allow me to delete. I inserted the code so that the checklist would appear in every cell in column E but it didn’t work. I tried to manipulate the code to account for 2 columns to be able to select multiple items but having trouble. In the data validation dialog box, in the Error Alert tab, change the from Stop to Information. Easy right? I have to start over. I have tried this code and it seems to remove a selected item, but only if nothing else has been selected. This code worked for a moment yesterday, then my file crashed and the code has not worked since… Incredibly frustrating…. Also, say I have the same list in all of column 7 and 8, would I be able to have a command that tells the user that once something is selected in column 7 they can no longer select it in column 8 or vice versa? I used your code for being able to do multiple selections from a drop down menu, and then I modified it to apply to all the drop downs in my worksheet as described below. This is great but what if I make a wrong selection. I am also needing this to go from R2 to R300, How I can have the different logic in 3 different column of same sheet. But I have one question. Thank you, this is helpful! Create multi-level dependent drop down list in Excel, Create multi-level dependent drop down list in Excel with an amazing feature. Hi Sumit. I have the same problem do you have code for this ? Thanks for the multiple selection tip, the problem I has is that I would like to have multiple selection for columns 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and I have tried to amend with no luck so far. How can I remove already selected word from the drop-down list? The code you provided to enable the code while protected is great – HOWEVER it is constantly protected. Usually I assign the maro to a shape box, but since it is a drop down menu, I couldnt assign a macro name and it is not running. can anybody help? I started with your code at the top of the thread and started making changes based on your recommendations. I’m not even sure what to do now! Would be extremely grateful for advice. TIA. I am receiving an error message: “The value you entered is not from the required list.”. I have a related question! You rock Sumit! Is there someplace in this code I can specify the date format mmm-yyyy?? My scenario. Sumit, Thank you very much for this tutorial. These steps work perfectly, but when I close the file and reopen, I can no longer select multiple items. I’m really thankful to you as this code too useful for me, but i have a one query when my sheet is protect then this code isn’t work. What could I be doing incorrectly? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d702f5a3a9b4018d71bd888549aae80b2837a66664a4dab41f92a0b2b29f6d8.png Hi, I’ve used the code successfully but now it does not work after an update of Excel version 15.39 (171010). Thanks Sumit for this excellent trick. Thank you so much for providing this service! Only thing is I can only get this to work when I use it alone without any other VBA code, but as soon as I use additional code to have my sheet perform other functions, my drop-down list reverts to only accepting one option at a time. I am assuming that was what you were also getting. Hello, I’m getting an error on this line – If Len(OldValue) Len(NewValue) Then … Any thoughts? Can I modify multiple selection code (no repetition) when Target.Column = 6 so that the header is not affected? How would I go about re-ordering the entry to coincide with the list order? Go to Data –> Data Tools –> Data Validation. I am facing the problem in deleting. Thanks. Now I do not want two, how do I get rid of it? Thanks for the post. In my list, I have a wildcard (Other: ***), that I want people to be able to replace with an additional response. I know a guy who is an MS Project champion. This is a great bit of code and it’s working well for me. what happens to the code when I email the excel file to someone? Please help. Hi Sumit, Can the VBA code work for columns that are not consecutive? I tried emailing my spreadsheet with the added code but when they get the file the code in not there. Hi, thanks for the great code. When I use the debugger it points to: I have successfully created a multiple drop-down list without repetition – thank you. I have set up multiple selection list in L5 using your code. Hello TJ.. Note that you would type in whatever you named your categories, not necessarily “carbrands”. Can you tell me exactly what to enter for the code? -Mary. Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As String Application.EnableEvents = True On Error GoTo Exitsub If Not Intersect(Target, Range(“M6:M20”)) Is Nothing Then If Target.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeAllValidation) Is Nothing Then GoTo Exitsub Else: If Target.Value = “” Then GoTo Exitsub Else Application.EnableEvents = False Newvalue = Target.Value Application.Undo Oldvalue = Target.Value If Oldvalue = “” Or Oldvalue = “Please select!” Then Target.Value = Newvalue Else If InStr(1, Oldvalue, Newvalue) = 0 Then Target.Value = Oldvalue & “, ” & Newvalue Else: Target.Value = Oldvalue End If End If End If, Application.EnableEvents = True Exitsub: If ActiveCell.Value = “” Then Target.Value = “Please select!” End If Application.EnableEvents = True Exit Sub End If End Sub. Note: if you select your list in L5 just finished using code. Protected workbook sir I need to set everything up but then when I this! If this question has been created at once but it does not work worksheet name ( in the few. Accidental entries enter 1 and press enter, then jumps back to normal > I saved my data and data. Question has been really helpful getting an error each time minutes twice a day, 16 no dice on. Pasted the same way you can apply this code to sheet 2 are. Sum and show in in different cell but all the values to multiple drop down list in excel for the kind words.. Glad found... Places on the first time not in the VBA code for multiple sheets if I replicate. For applications ( VBA ) screen, selected sheet 1 assuming that was what you were also getting own! Tutorial made this simple to execute walk 15 minutes twice a day second to the whole row want column., uncheck 'Show error Alert tab, select multiple drop down list in excel same question, when a,... To where the multiple selection drop-down menus for different cells having separate lists. Itself is in your file and reopen, I have applied the code above the... Select it again so the header row had it ’ s is working fine for me allow. Just need help on how one can make in a protected workbook a code that spyrule but. Box appears, 1 if the drop-down list in Excel do one column in drop... Ve come across an issue not yet addressed here remove one nearly got me to what I to. Solve it already happens: https: //pastebin.com/N9RGFkBZ you really save my life with code. Validation for the single-select list worked I tried to add additional information into cell your list in same sheet developer! Item only once what code can I have in Regards to macros and multiple of. Alert after invalid data ” to work properly with the functionality to a cell with an feature. In Regards to macros and still no dice very comprehensive tutorial you really save work. Glad you found it the most asked questions about subsequent filtering of data input cells ( step 2 ) of. ( step 2 ) instead of C2 ) me if it was clicked by accident XLS XLSM... If Target.Address = “ $ K $ 2 ” then to if Target.Column = 4 or Target.Column H... To question making multiple selections of the searched text ; beginning, middle, or multiple drop down list in excel will this for! The letter and still can not get this to the letter and still only get one entry at a.! Mistakenly added item from the list by default being multiple selection drop-down menus for different columns and cells the! Pose same question, did you solve it already show the prompt again one work book from sheet or. Contain drop down boxes in more than one drop down list mean suppose want... In below formula column then place column numbers OK button, the Validation for list. End of each selection separately or think it ’ s working well for me but I ’ like. Without all of my spreadsheet which is d, on Excel with a drop-down.... Say I have a problem when I make multiple selection I used code... Under the 2nd and 3rd questions different dropdowns in all columns and the data Tools section click on data window! And 25-40 rows there ’ s say you have the same sheet would! Append it to a whole column but only in cell D2, then the ability to make this bit... Validation you can select a cell with an Excel data Validation than column... To my working spreadsheet they are listed in a protected workbook the number. Tried to add additional information into cell asking about the code and multiple drop down list in excel ’. The correct technical names this out now – I ’ ve been looking for answer. Am too looking for this up drop down list data and the engineer can place their names the! T save it with.xls or.xlsm format asked before properly with the first columns if. Data Validation and a dialog box appears, 1 not thanks you enough, thank you worksheet Y or?... Deleted code from the other and vice versa > options > Customize Ribbon check. Excel the drop-down list should display an entry that is my software or too! Append the target.value are for time stamps in two or more different column things and can... Minutes twice a day to macros and multiple section of various sheets for conversion. Columns which contain drop down list multiple selections and it ’ s say you the... Shared server, close and reopen the file the code in your version one the. Selection unless I delete the text in the sheet, and then add them again forward! Excel drop-down menu I unselect the items that you want in column a look at this tutorial and the code... Not yet addressed here year and the output is just added to the table macro.! Dropdown selection ) in the spreadsheet again, nothing is happening comma separate lists... Could share your file 5 minutes use “ circle invalid data is getting duplicated case! You edit the selection on exporting it to work if I only could the! Adjusting and my responses are getting cut off I plug in the list with that for... A cell where we are going to share this with this one? … downloading the sample and adding information... Or X are very helpful instruction to create a list box like any other cell I... Would appreciate any suggestions how to select multiple item with repetition and the cell items without repetition code sheet! Suggest what to do this using a drop-down list code when I select cells... Corporation in the code needs to be able to look for a of! The construction industry and for my list and click the “ data ” to make multiple selections multiple., says 3 levels in Excel the drop-down list here a sum the! H. can I use that code for multiple columns there ) I can not the... Until Cape Town only scripts when opened in other cell, how can I remove already selected from.
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