Shopping at Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insadong, and Namdaemun Market There are 4 famous markets in Seoul: Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insadong, and Namdaemun. The options are endless! For those with slightly less than an iron constitution, there's nothing quite like stripping down to your bikini or swim trunks like it's midsummer and soaking in a heated pool in the dead of winter. You can also dip your feet into the sky garden foot pool to cool off during the hot summer months. The opening dates of most outdoor ice rinks are subject to change, but the Grand Hyatt is armed with a cooler, making reliability its trump card. Case in point: sweet potatoes and chestnuts. Great guide!! You might also join fishermen, fisherwomen and fisherchildren at one of several ice fishing festivals that dot the Korean winter calendar. Hotteok is a delicious sweet pancake with brown sugar, honey, pine nuts, and cinnamon. As one of Seoul's largest suburban areas, Suwon has all kinds of things for the tourist to enjoy. Perhaps the kookiest cafe of them all is Café General Doctor. Others are saddled with children. We recommend wandering The Seoullo just before sunset to admire those beautiful amber skies casting a warm glow over Seoul. The Most Colorful Of Places To Find In Seoul RIGHT NOW! In case you’re in need of some extra cash, try your hand at street art and realise your hidden talents. 1. Although you’ll need to book a doctor’s appointment in advance, you can always pop in for a coffee, or say hey to the kitties anytime you like! Just try and go with your older friends as in Korean it’s customary for the oldest person to foot the bill! Fun Things to Do in Seoul with Kids: Family-friendly activities and fun things to do. Explore Seoul (서울탐험) July 23, 2018. Seoul locals are keen to point out that Korean BBQ is not the only traditional cuisine! Talk about eggcelent service! Walk around Itaewon district The Hongdae neighborhood is particularly well-known for its creative scene, and one museum particularly stands out from the rest. But outdoor ice skating is. How purr-fect! Seoul, South Korea, is a huge city with many things to do. The 50 Best Things to Do in Seoul. And that makes all the difference: an unscratched but sterile indoor rink for athletes versus a picturesque winter tableau with fairy lights for first dates. There are almost as many things to do in Seoul, South Korea as there are people. Ice skating is not necessarily a winter sport. If the weather outside has you hot and bothered, here are fifty great things you can do to while away the hours! "Now they can place the sleds on the lift and ride up while on the sled. Seoul City Bus Tour NYC is my favourite travel destination (although I'm also a sucker for a cheap Europe mini-break!) On Saturdays, there’s an awesome market on Samcheong-dong Culture Street which is definitely one of the great places to visit in Korea! Things to do in Seoul, South Korea | Top 20 Seoul, the capital of South Korea has thriving traditions and culture. Hours: Monday-Thursday noon-9 p.m., Friday-Sunday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. "The rentals are technically for two hours, but it's not as though we really keep track of the time," says Sheraton Walker Hill manager Lee Seong-jun. This is not USA, Your email address will not be published. Entrance to these palaces is free for those in traditional dress. The UNESCO-listed city walls and defences of Suwon City and Hwaseong Fortress are among of the most famous sights, but nightlife is another of its big draws. Last March they left their home behind to travel full time. Since the entrance is a little hidden, dining here makes you feel like you’re someone in the know! Here at Hostelworld I look after Student Marketing as well as being a #HostelworldInsider. See Tripadvisor's 165,551 traveler reviews and photos of kid friendly Seoul attractions I don’t think you would get bored even after a month! Sometimes there’s no better way to enjoy Seoul in winter than by having a piping hot cup of tea with a side of sweet rice cakes. This large, bustling city has a population of over 10,000,000. You can spend a hot day strolling alongside the stream and cooling off under the bridges on the way. Admission: Monday-Friday, $23 (₩26,000), Saturday-Sunday, $28 (₩32,000); rentals start at $17.50 (₩20,000). Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do will host the 7th Pyeongchang Cherry Salmon Festival at the Odae River (오대천) by Mount Odae (오대산) from around Dec 23 this year. Seoul has five big palaces: Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, and Gyeonghuigung, each one unique and glorious in its own way. Spavis, a waterpark in Asan, combines the invigorating, mineral-rich water of a natural hot spring with novelty pools, water slides and saunas. The Seoullo has 24,000 different Korean plant species, a foot pool, and boasts stunning views of the city. The Cheonggyecheon steam is a gorgeous artificial stream that flows through Seoul. There are additional conveniences for lazy Seoulites, such as heated lounges selling refreshments and the "tube lift," which minimizes trudge time. Hours: Monday-Thursday: noon-9 p.m., Friday-Sunday: noon-10 p.m. Cultural appropriation is when a dominant majority appropriate from from a disadvantaged minority. And speaking of hunger, with so many culinary delights and delicious dishes to try, you better bring an appetite to Seoul and be prepared to eat your way around the city! In recent years, concerts have turned into a must for couples on dates on Christmas Eve and Christmas. BONUS 1: 13 Extra things to do in Seoul. ? In Seoul, you can have Chimaek delivered to you anytime, anywhere! Ski rentals start at $7 (₩8,000) and lessons start at $26.50 (₩30,000) -- but expect to spend more on necessary extras like ski-pants rentals and lift tickets. And when the moment is right, you strike.". Koreans are a hardy lot and ice diving is just one way they have of making the most of a frozen river. With its charming railway tracks, expensive green space, and abundance of flowers, Gyeongui Line Forest Park in Hongdae is the perfect place for an al fresco bev! In our (not so) humble opinion, Seoul is one of the most underrated capital cities in the world. A great Seoul Korea things to do or things to do Seoul and things to see in Seoul.. Noryangjin Fish Market. Our top three Korean street food must-trys are hotteok, bindatteok and tteokbokki. Seoul has some seriously quirky cafes: there’s a raccoon café, and even a poop café – trust us, it’s the shit! "Before the lift, people had to walk back up the slope with their sleds," says Esther Park, a customer service center representative. Korean BBQ, or KBBQ for the lazy readers, is obviously one of the best things to eat in Seoul. They are the writers and photographers behind the Instagram @onceuponajrny and you can read more on their website Once Upon a Journey. Seoul has many places for street artists – both locals and travellers, with Insa Dong Street being one of the most popular spots. 10 most haunted hostels to visit this Halloween! Not only do you save on heating and cable bills, but more importantly, these exclusively winter activities will make it worth it. For authentic Korean cooking head to Saecham Gwangjuri, where they prepare home-style Korean food. "Cherry salmon tend to travel in droves," says Park. 0. It’s a no-brainer! If anything this is a sign of respect and an attempt to understand our culture. Will be using this for my trip in a few weeks ! Street food may be available all year, but there are some snacks that emerge only during the colder months. Seoul is one of my favourite cities on earth, you’ll have an amazing time . Hanboks aren’t just pretty outfits, they’re traditional wear and they hold significance in Korean history. Awesome! Great recommendation! Editor's note: This article was previously published in 2011. "So you don't really need to worry about that. The Seoullo is a rooftop sky garden located next to the Seoul station elevated above a highway! Check out this list of things to do in Seoul if you don’t believe me. The location alone should put your irrational fears to rest -- a city that was selected as the site of the 2018 Winter Olympics should know a thing or two about ice. In South Korea, Christmas is all about couples, not families. The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History is definitely worth a visit for travelers keen to get an oversight into Korea’s fascinating past. Even if you dislike fishing, ice fishing can be fun. For $22 (₩25,000) you get a tent to keep the wind off your face. Cheonggyecheon Top 10 Things to Do in Seoul 1. Last but not least, is the Rice wine tasting class. Is this cat waiting in line for an appointment? Visit a water park. The four most popular free museums are the Agricultural Museum, National Folk Museum, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, and National Museum. Skip the peak season, when kids on winter break crowd the slides. Your first stop in Insadong should be the Insadong Tourist Information Center.. You can pick up all kinds of guides and brochures to help you plan your next move, and the staff speaks a multitude of languages if you need any travel tips or have any questions about the area.. Another big attraction of the tourist center is the “rent a hanbok” service. There’s a creative artist hiding within us all. A few to check out include: Shin Old Tea House Admiring this wonderful stream is definitely one of the best things to do in Seoul, plus it’s totally free! For $6 (₩3,000) they will either salt it and cook it, or prepare it raw. Tteokbokki is sticky rice cake cooked in a spicy red sauce, and you can find this one everywhere! Bukchon Hanok Village is a traditional Korean neighbourhood and also a popular tourist attraction. Your email address will not be published. On Saturdays, Dongjin Market turns into a market specialising in traditional Korean delights. Read on if you’re ready to be inspired to #MeetTheWorld BEYOND the tourist brochure! 1. "The Christmas theme is also very fun for musicians to use in concerts. The Cheonggyecheon steam is a gorgeous artificial stream that flows through Seoul. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Seoul, South Korea on Tripadvisor: See 492,162 traveller reviews and photos of Seoul tourist attractions. I think tourists should keep this in mind. "You gotta be patient, boy. Originally known as Mongmyeoksan, this 262 metres high peak is a hotspot for hiking. ", Admission: Weekdays $17.50 (₩20,000), weekends $26.50 (₩30,000); rentals start at $10.50 (₩12,000). There’s something about summer that screams go bold, go vibrant, go colorful… or just go home. Yes, there is more to Seoul than soju and beers, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip them all together! These palaces are already incredible to visit but it is much more fun to dress up in traditional Korean clothing – Hanbok – and visit the palaces for free! 22. But all are Snow Busters. and my favourite hostel is Freehand NY. The Han (Hangang) River is the artery of Seoul; cutting right through the center of the city and pulsing with life. This market runs all week long and sells all sorts of items. Our list of the Best Things to Do in Seoul, South Korea Seoul is made of 25 Gu (districts) with a lot of sights concentrated in Jongno-gu, Jung-gu and Yongsan-gu. Each market has its … But fight the cold-induced lethargy, put on a coat and go outside. You can spend a hot day strolling alongside the stream and cooling off under the bridges on the way. At night, the stream turns into an entertainment hotspot with musicians and impressive water light shows. An immediate glance and you’ll probably notice that shopping and dining are two of Seoul’s most prominent features..
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