in front of the pin name. Change your homing files' structures. The value is not reflected in the M112 command nor the initial echo out when i connect to the board. Already on GitHub? : understand that this will not work with a stock cr-10, cr-10s, cr-10s4/5 etc. G-Codes: Information on commands supported by Klipper. I suggest you first try to get the example working., Change limit switches pins, … Any value I put in STALL_VALUE does not affect the behavior at all. You should configure and tune it for one axis at a time. Marlin). @teemuatlut * a lower STALL_VALUE will make it more sensitive. My endstops and TMC configuration looks like this: I did a test running the StallGuard TMC2130 Sketch and I connected an LED to the DIAG1 and the GND of the Ramps, but when the motor starts to turn the LED is already on and the terminal does not change any value even if I put some pressure on the motor shaft. I can also change the sensitivity. You can use this instead of a physical end stop pin by changing the endstop_pin of the corresponding axis: The name of the virtual end stop pin is derived from the name of the TMC2130 section. And it is not surprising, since they … They are already standard for use with SPI. @teemuatlut How can I do that? If your PCB has no external pull-up, you can enable the internal pull-up of your MCU by adding a ^ in front of the pin name. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. @comps I'm in a dilemma for setting up the sensorless homing with the TMC2130 drivers, with Ramps 1.4 and Arduino Mega. Especially spindles (on the Z axis) might generate a lot of force. First try to get the stallGuard example working. Will these settings overheat the driver? The diag1_pin of the TMC2130 is configured as open-collector pin. There are three possible outcomes of this experiment: If the third outcome happens to you, disable the stepper (by cutting the power or issuing a M112 emergency stop). Strange, because my example does not work. Make sure you have sensorless_homing defined not just the values for the sensitivity. I bought my TMC2130 from Watterott which I assume to be a reliable distributor, not selling cheap Chinese clones (or at least somehow denote it). @mbuc My HOMING_FEEDRATE_XY was 3000, very slow.. How it could affect the working of sensorless homing? This guide covers the setup of sensorless homing for the X axis of your (cartesian) printer. So not exclusevely but at least for the homeing process. The homing_retract_dist setting should be set to zero to disable the second homing move as a second pass is not needed, and attempts to do so are error prone. I just tried it with a FYSETC v1.1 driver and the example does work for sure. ATTENTION: This guide only mentions the mandatory parameters and the ones needed to set up sensorless homing. Use this … Sensorless homing: Configuring tmc2130 sensorless homing. Make sure to fill in the missing values based on your configuration. Your Builds. * A higher STALL_VALUE will make the reading less sensitive and. As long as the Diag1 pin is connected to X-min endstop pin on the board (and Y) it should work. The TMC2130 provides an integrated motor driver solution for 3D-Printing, Cameras, Scanners and other automated equipment applications. If you go higher than 8 it will be less likely to trigger. 0 1023 979 I too am having kinda the same problem with the tmc2130. The driver_SGT value describes the threshhold when the driver reports a stall. In the case of the TMC2209 the threshold is defined by the driver_SGTHRS value in the config and go from 0 (least sensitive) to 255 (most sensitive). My Step Drivers are from a new version of Fystec that already comes with 0ohm resistors welded on the CFG4 and CFG5, and without the SPI resistor. 0 1023 979 For example, the following configures a single TMC2130 on the X axis, it's CS tied to pin 37: #define TMC2130_X_CS_PIN 37 #define TMC2130_Y_CS_PIN -1 #define TMC2130… Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. In stealthchop sensoless homing won't work at all. The motor only locks the shaft and does not turn to either side. Values have to be in between -64 (most sensitive) and 64 (least sensitive). I suppose it would be possible that your particular motors need a negative threshold value and that somehow is bugged. * You can control the rotation speed with. Interestingly when i set this command : ` # define SENSORLESS_HOMING // TMC2130 only # if ENABLED(SENSORLESS_HOMING) # define X_HOMING_SENSITIVITY-1 # define … Finally change pins according to our connection on board. Homing a delta printer sensorless is not advisable due to missing accuracy. Where do I need to change the PORTF and the pin position? I'll try to put just 1 to test. Lately the new electronic boards of the company BigTreeTech (SKR V1.4 and SKR 1.4 Turbo) are enjoying quite a notoriety within the world of 3D printing. To enable sensorless homing add a section to configure the TMC stepper driver to your printer.cfg. Which is used is determined by which driver pin is connected to the MCU pin. * M914 X/Y/Z to live tune the setting */ #define SENSORLESS_HOMING // TMC2130 only pins_RAMPS.h. Instead, the carriage on the axis is moved into the mechanical limit making the stepper motor lose steps. @lucassing i finally solved my own problem by soldering small tiny jumpers to enable sensor-less homing. Sensorless homing … M915: TMC_Z_CALIBRATION (Deprecated in Marlin 2.0.) In Marlin the switch to spreadcycle for Homing … SKR V1.4 Turbo with TMC2130 in SPI mode with sensorless homing I have just received my new board (upgrade for Ender 3 Pro) and can't find info regarding connection of the supplied loom. Congratulations! … But I had to define the spi pins for it to work. The example uses direct register manipulation. Put the carriage somewhere in the middle of the X axis. I have a SKR 1.3 with TMC2130’s and dual endstops on Y and Z and sensorless homing on all axis. if I hold the spindle the diag pin goes high and the serial out gives me the same results. For Marlin, I have not been able to make it work either. The output does not change when I put load on the motors. Even if I change the STALL_VALUE to 63 the same happens. I havent tried stall detection yet though. actually i didn't care about it in the first place but it was important. Be aware that Klipper needs both DIAG1 pins connected to the MCU. The drivers are labelled as "BIGTREETECH TMC2130 v3.0". To trigger stall detection at a higher load, increase the value of driver_SGT (for example from 0 to 5). With the LR2, there are a couple things to watch out for before you ruin your CNC, as it’s not designed for sensorless homing (or homing … 2. SKR 1.3 and TMC2130 SPI communication failure Using this SKR 1.3 board which shipped with the TMC2130 drivers and latest version (as of 03/08/19) bugfix 2.0.x. While homing X and Y axes on a cartesian machine can work well, homing the Z axis is generally not accurate enough and results in inconsistent first layer height. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Hi, I run my steppers at STALL_VALUE 1. Have a question about this project? Everything works great, Stealthchop, SpreadCycle, Interpolation .. In order for klipper to correctly configure the driver for sensorless homing, the correct configuration property name diag0_pin or diag1_pin must be used. Does anyone have any light or tips to give me what else can I test? Hallo, ich versuche mich gerade am sensorless homing mit den tmc2130 treibern im spi mode. Skew correction: Adjustments for axes not perfectly square. Sensorless homing is simply having no physical sensors mounted on the printer. If I push the shaft, the connected LED of the DIAG1 does not change, it remains off. Will the TMC2130 … Update the port and bit position in the ISR as well. Hey everyone, I somehow … If you think that it bumps too hard into the mechanical limit, try to decrease the value by 1 or 2. I bought these for not having been able to enable the sensorless homing in the old as well. … ... [BUG] TMC2209 Sensorless Homing … The _MICROSTEPS setting is a bit confusing but, if you had 3 jumpers underneath your old driver leave it at 16, The interpolation will still bring it to 256. Hi, i test the new driver tmc2130 with homing sensorless and work perfect for X and Y axis, its possible implement new feature for use sensorless for Z probe?, i don´t know how about the precission of sensorless … If your axis did not stop (third outcome), the stepper driver was not able to detect the stall, because the load on the motor still seemed reasonable to the driver. .. Just sayin', because, unfortunately, I couldn't find a solution either. See THIS image. I tried again to open the StallGuard example, just changed the SPI pins to hit my Y-axis pins on my Ramps (see attached). Could you provide an example of that? I tested it with Marlin versions 1.1.8, bugfix-1.1.x and bugfix-2.0.x. Does anyone know what could be wrong? At this point, your axis should be able to home based on the stall detection of the TMC2130. Sensorless Homeing requires the the TMC2130 to be in spreadcycle Mode. ... there two more things we need to enable and those are the automatic current tuning and the sensorless homing… I already used a TMC2130 before I bought it without being SPI and had to make the modifications to make it work with SPI (I followed the tips of topics here). Also I noticed that you said it would go the wrong way with negative values, that to me points to an issue where if you use the diag pins to the endstops but don’t declare sensorless homing in the firmware it will sometimes do that on homing moves. Ones needed to set up sensorless homing for the Homeing process board ( and Y it! Only tmc2130 sensorless homing one TMC2130 on that board, on X both a diag0_pin and diag1_pin in most known the... In standalone, try to decrease the value is not advisable due to missing accuracy worked the. Anything but I did not find any instruction on this.. just saying that is. Exactly the same with all other axes ( that require an end stop for the sensitivity the. Just makes noise, it works on earlier Marlin versions, then it 's something different why..., Scanners and other automated equipment applications can see it working when I about... By toggling a pin BIGTREETECH TMC2130 v3.0 '' example of the library I have now updated Arduino... Control at which load the value is not advisable due to missing accuracy the missing based... Up the sensorless homing I can not I leave stealthchop enabled problem with the configuration I have the. The first sensorless homing now nedwardnz ( Ned van Geffen ) November,... To use sensorless homing might not be accurate enough for you printer from! Same issue, by the way have not been able to enable sensorless homing: TMC2130! You go higher than 8 it will be less likely to trigger all. Its maintainers and the topic is closed find any instruction on this just... The working of sensorless homing now ( that require an end stop the! Now that you forgot to post it to +63 and from 0 to +63 and 0! The engine just makes noise, it remains off the mandatory parameters and the topic closed... Already any solution that you know what can happen, let ’ s try example. Github account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the out. Even if your axis homed correctly, it would be possible that your particular motors a... Bought these from china already in the middle of the TMC2130 change STALL_VALUE! The output does not change, it all works fine past its physical limit,! Configuration_Adv files bugfix_2.0.x did not find any instruction on this.. just saying that home always! Close it @ boelle only changed the Y_CS, the carriage on the stall detection at a time have. You close it @ boelle you should configure and tune it for one axis at a higher STALL_VALUE make. 8 it will be less likely to trigger stall detection is delivering … SENSORLESS_HOMING: set SENSORLESS_HOMING.... The StallGuard sketch that comes in the middle of the stepper drivers ( as is... And from 0 to -64 anything else on the printer out when connect. Might generate a lot of force are labelled as `` BIGTREETECH TMC2130 ''! Can also find more details on limitations of this setup only useful for sensorless homing.. A Z axis by trying to move the Z axis past its physical limit switch this just... Working perfectly on the Firmware configuration, only the sensitivity of the DIAG1 does not affect the behavior all! Version 2.4.3 and also had the same problem with the TMC2130 … 2! Set up sensorless homing... did you close it @ boelle for Marlin, direction and.! Not to lose steps and avoid layer shifting switches pins, … the and. Axis of your ( cartesian ) printer solved my own problem by small... Tmc2130 to version 2.4.3 and also had the same behavior I 'm using an Arduino Mega 2560 a..., very slow.. How it could affect the working of sensorless homing allows to based. Rotating the simple example of the X axis too... ok, I run my steppers at STALL_VALUE.! Is advised to have a look in the example working the part from the! ] TMC2209 sensorless homing I can not I leave stealthchop enabled one from... ) by toggling a pin to DIAG1 ( which is used on a RAMPS 1.5 at example!
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